InfoPlus Events LLC Success Story

InfoPlus Events LLC Success Story

Increase in productivity


Events managed under one system

Handling Pressure

In their efforts to stay on top of the game, InfoPlus had to handle the pressure of consistently delivering quality events that met their client expectations. They also realised they had to catch up with the ever-changing technology landscape if they wanted to continue to be one of the top players in the event management industry.

The system that InfoPlus used to handle its registration processes was not user-friendly and was replete with bugs and other flaws. They quite often faced problems with document upload, data import/export and collation, payment processing, last-minute badge printing and spelling correction, and had no liberty to improve the system either. After facing numerous issues with the tool, they decided it was time they got an upgrade. They were also at a juncture where they were looking to proactively adopt mobile event app technology as they needed to make their events more tech savvy and add more value to attendee experience.

Positive Experiences

InfoPlus had already heard some good things about Cvent and, after digging a little deeper, found out that Cvent offered a comprehensive platform that could help them set up registration quickly and get their data in one place, while decreasing their manual processes. In 2016, they decided to partner with Cvent, opting for their registration and mobile app offerings.

The registration system turned out to be exactly what they needed. InfoPlus was able to make their registration process more streamlined and shave valuable hours off the time spent on handling registration. Having a smart mobile event app also contributed to a smooth onsite experience for attendees, while at the same time also made their events more interactive. InfoPlus leveraged the app to provide attendees quick access to all event-related information and offer more value to sponsors, while making it more accessible for everyone to promote their event on social media platforms.

This positive experience established the foundation of trust that urged InfoPlus to explore other offering from Cvent. The event management firm quickly and completely switched over to the entire Cvent platform, using it to handle all of their events successfully. Solutions like OnArrival helped them improve their onsite check-in process and take more informed decisions onsite. “Where earlier we required staff dedicated for badge printing onsite, with OnArrival there is no such requirement. We also did away with the extra systems we used for badges scanning, as it can now be easily done through any gadget,” says Epin Kurra, Manager, Corporate Division of InfoPlus, adding “The solution also enabled us to keep a real-time track on onsite attendance (which could be accessed even on our smart watches!). This real time data helped us implement changes onsite accordingly.”

Peace of Mind

The InfoPlus team has observed that their partnership with Cvent has brought them “a complete peace of mind’. The platform has proven to be a valuable asset for the company by playing a key role in meeting their organisational goals. After using Cvent, the team has become more efficient, with productivity increasing by 35%, and has consequently saved a lot of time and manpower in handling various event processes.

The team is also happy with the support it has received from Cvent every step of the way. “Apart from the user-friendliness of the platform, the best thing about Cvent is they are available 24x7,” says Matthew Hawa, Director of Infloplus. No matter the size or complexity of the query, they always found Cvent a call away and ready with the solutions to their problems. “The CrowdCompass technical team, in particular, has been most helpful for resolving any concerns,” adds Project Execuive Anala Jamir.

After enjoying such a successful partnership, InfoPlus hopes to continue its association with Cvent in the years ahead.