May 11, 2017
By Amrutha Sarayu

What if you had to host various events for key stakeholders – and you manually updated data in systems that handled registrations, check-ins and event mobile app creation? Or maybe you’ve got other time-consuming event planning tasks that needs to be taken care of?

That was the reality for the event manager Tania Goodacre at Australian Trucking Association (ATA) – until she discovered Cvent Event Management Platform. Tania was able to automate her event planning tasks, so that she could focus her attention where it belonged – on her attendees. Her tired fingers got a rest from the keyboard, as she was able to automate all those registration emails and was able to centralise event data for marketing ATA’s events. With data in one central system, Tania and her team were able to take informed decisions and switch focus to the attendee experience, ensuring that every single one of their events went off without a hitch.


Online registration software allows her to automate:

• Budget Management
• Registration
• Event Promotion
• Surveys, reports and a lot more

Free up your workflow and get predictable and measurable results – so you can be a better, more productive planner. Here’s how to get started.

Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha is a content writer and marketer at Cvent. She mainly writes about the meetings and events industry, with a special focus on technology that is designed for making the lives of planners easier. When not writing, she can be found taking part in reading challenges or watching food videos on YouTube. 
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