May 06, 2021
By Felicia Asiedu

B2B events have a come a long way from the tedious, conventional affairs they once were. Where sponsorship branding amounted to nothing more than stands manned by a couple of salespeople handing out engraved pens and monogrammed badges.

Today, with the world fully pivoting towards digital, a whole new vista of branding options has opened up through things like digital signage and mobile event apps. This has given rise to new event sponsorship ideas that are not only helping the sponsors meet their targets but are also creating a lasting impact on the attendees.

Any new and innovative event sponsorship idea needs to follow a fundamental principle – is it connecting with the attendee and, if so, how well is it doing this? Are the brand sponsorships providing attendees with any real, tangible value, or are they just random names that appear around the venue and on their lanyards? The more attendees connect and identify with the branding, the more opportunity there is for sponsors to reach their goals. In connecting the dots, you hopefully demonstrate enough ROI for your sponsors to inspire them to sponsor your events time and time again.

To ensure your sponsors get the most from their investment, here are some creative sponsorship ideas you can recommend:

6. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality event sponsorship

VR is no longer a fad or a technology only foreseeable in the distant future. VR headsets like Oculus Go and HTC Vive, while still relatively expensive, have been used successfully in the events industry to provide rich and interactive experiences to attendees. Sponsors can leverage the power of VR to create an immersive product demo or to showcase their services in a nicely designed video package. This use of technology is sure to pique the interest of attendees.

5. Live Streaming

Live streaming event sponsorship

Another compelling event idea is to offer the opportunity for sponsorship of your live stream. The internet and social media, in particular, are great broadcasting channels for your content and gives viewers a curated mix of photos, videos and social media posts. Companies like BoxCast enable you to monetise your content by allowing you to display things such as graphic overlays and watermarks on your broadcasted content. This means you can easily display event sponsor logos and short-running promos at the corner of the screen to boost visibility.

4. Photo Stands


Branded photo stands

Branded photo stands are a great way to provide more visibility of your sponsor names and logos. Attendees can use different props and signs and take pictures to share on social media. Your sponsors are then promoted beyond your event as images are viewed and shared by a wider audience. This automatically translates into more brand awareness for your sponsors which should translate into more opportunities.

3. Activity-based rewards

Activity based reward at events

An exciting way to encourage attendees to engage more with sponsors is to conduct various reward-based activities. Scavenger hunts, selfie-challenges, short trivia quizzes, or challenge games like a tug-of-war can both liven up your events and provide fun ways to connect attendees to sponsors. Prizes can vary from branded T-shirts, mugs or USB chargers to free hotel stays and discounted purchases.

2. Social Media Wall

Social media wall at events

Another popular event sponsorship idea is to provide a social media wall that aggregates different live posts from social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sponsors can use the online feed of the social wall to add their posts and logos, offering attractive discounts and offers to attendees.

1. Go Green


Go Green Event Sponsorship

Being environmentally conscious is no longer a mere passing fad, but a real, positive cause that most corporates identify with today. Sustainability and products that enable people to “go green” is high on the agenda for the meetings and events industry. Sponsors can connect with attendees through the shared goals of these green initiatives. “Green” event sponsorship ideas, can include:

  • Having environmentally-friendly options for swag bags – hemp or calico instead of plastic.
  • Using branded USBs with content attendees want to consume, instead of bulky paper brochures.
  • Organising tree-planting drives with attendees and providing them certificates and goodies for their successful participation.

There are various innovative ideas that sponsors can incorporate to make their brand more appealing to attendees and get more ROI. However, to get attendees interested in these aspects of the event, it is important to first create an onsite experience that will create a lasting impression on them. Read this eBook ‘Upgrading Your Events with Onsite Technology’ to learn how technologies such as facial recognition, badge printing, mobile event apps, and virtual reality are changing the way how events are being organised today.     

Felicia Asiedu

Felicia Asiedu

Felicia is a Content Marketing Manager at Cvent. She has over 10 years’ sales and marketing experience in technology, having worked for a combination of managed hosting and data centre providers and SaaS-based technology companies. She is passionate about marketers pushing the boundaries of technology to make their lives easier whilst personalising experiences through both digital and offline channels.

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