July 26, 2017
By Amrutha Sarayu

In today’s competitive landscape, it becomes important to have apt knowledge about the concerns and preferences of your customers. Understanding these factors much in advance is a good way to boost customer satisfaction. This process of collecting data to determine whether a particular product or service will satiate the needs of the customers is called consumer market research.

The first and most vital step to consumer market research is to set the survey. It’s critical to lay down right questions in your survey in order to achieve guaranteed success from your marketing campaigns. Today’s post is geared towards entrepreneurs who are launching a new product or service in the consumer space. It will help you identify the key questions to ask potential customers to determine if your business idea is feasible.

Below are the recommended 20 market research questions to ask customers for the survey:

Demographic – market research questions to ask customers

  • What is your age?
  • What is your gender?
  • What is your household size?
  • What is your household income?
  • What is your profession?
  • What is your education level?
  • Where do you live?

Psychographic – market research questions to ask customers

  • Psychographics refer to the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research. You may want to ask about their interests, hobbies, opinions or anything else that will help you learn more about your customers.

Buying Pattern – market research questions to ask customers

  • Do you ever purchase _______?
  • If so, who in your household makes the buying decision?
  • Where do you go when you are looking for _______?
  • How often do you purchase _______?
  • How long does it take you to make a buying decision?
  • What is your typical budget for _______?
  • How far would you travel to make the purchase?

Benefits – market research questions to ask customers

  • What features do you look for when you purchase _______?
  • What specific benefits do you look for in _______?
  • What problems motivate you to purchase _______?
  • What needs are you trying to meet when you purchase _______?
  • How do you hope _______will make your life better?

Market research gives you important data that will eventually help you create a better marketing strategy. That is why it is important to conduct consumer market research on a regular basis. After conducting consumer market research, you’ll be able to identify the problem areas in your business, understand evolving trends of the market, discover potential customers and their needs and find out what makes you different from your competitors.

Above questions can provide a jumping point for your consumer market research efforts. If you think we have missed out some important survey questions, please tell us in the comments section below.

Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha is a content writer and marketer at Cvent. She mainly writes about the meetings and events industry, with a special focus on technology that is designed for making the lives of planners easier. When not writing, she can be found taking part in reading challenges or watching food videos on YouTube. 
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