Universal Appointments Overview

Cvent's Universal Appointments feature gives you the ability to pre-book meetings with customers and prospects at the events you attend. By using trade show appointments, you can also prepare executives and staff for crucial one-on-one conversations.

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Pre-book meetings with Customers & Prospects

Universal Appointments allows you to set meetings with customers and prospects before you leave to attend a trade show, regardless of what technology the show organiser may be using. By pre-scheduling appointments, you will reduce no shows and increase engagement with important customers and prospects.

Universal Appointments Scheduler

Maximise Your Time on the Trade Show Floor

How much time your organisation’s employees spend at your stand directly impacts how many leads you can generate from the events you attend. During pre-show planning, quickly view everyone’s commitments and available time slots to help prevent double-bookings as your plan out a master schedule. Once they are on site, your stand staff can also quickly add appointments for walk-ups.

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Prepare Sales & Executive for Important Meetings

Prospects and customers often attend trade shows to connect with specific people in your organisation, such as sales reps and key executives. Increase the sales pipeline from the events you attend by setting up effective meetings between trade show attendees and your organisation’s representatives.

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Track ROI for your Event Program

Your organisation makes big investment to attend events. But it can be challenging to measure the return on that investment. Incorporating appointments into your trade show strategy will help you increase high-quality leads while allowing you to store meeting data in a consistent, actionable format for reporting.

Cvent Appointments Overview

The Cvent Appointments solution is a flexible tool that allows you to create groups of event participants and control how these groups can view and request meetings with each other. By using pre-booked appointments at the events you host, you can be confident that your attendees are fostering the relationships they’re looking for.

Facilitate Attendee Networking

Facilitate Attendee Networking

Your customers and prospects want to meet like-minded individuals at your event. Cvent Appointments allows your attendees to build a profile and set meetings with other attendees that share mutual interests, making it easy to form valuable new connections.

Prepare Sales & Executive for Important Conversations

Prepare Sales & Executives for Important Conversations

Prospects and customers often attend events to meet specific people in your organisation, such as product experts, executives, or their account managers. Increase the sales pipeline from your events by setting up effective meetings between these attendees and your employees.

Manage Staff Scheduling Tasks

Manage Staff Scheduling Tasks

Coordinating your staff’s onsite schedule and ensuring that their time is optimised can be challenging. Simplify who needs to be where and at what times by managing schedules on their behalf. You’ll be able to quickly see employees’ commitments and available time slots, thus avoiding double-booking.

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Increase ROI for Hosted Buyers

Exhibitors and sponsors make a big investment to attend your event. Help them get more value and more high-quality leads by enabling meetings with the right attendees. Having access to appointments will also allow attendees to connect with those who are best positioned to help them.

Added Control for Investor Conferences

Added Control for Investor Conferences

Coming in 2019: Directly manage your participants’ schedules and propose meetings to encourage strategic networking among attendees. Collect relevant information about attendees and understand their preferences to create a smoother workflow for appointment scheduling and ensure the right meetings happen with the right people.

The complete Event Management platform

The Power of the Platform

The Cvent Appointments module becomes even more powerful when connected with Cvent Event Management. Create a seamless experience for you and your event attendees while keeping an up-to-the-minute view of the information that matters most, including:

  • Attendee profile updates
  • Time and meeting space availability
  • Attendee, employee, and exhibitor participation
  • Schedule changes
  • Attendee interests and preferences