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Cornell University’s Dairy Management Group in the Department of Animal Science runs an outreach program for the entire New York State dairy industry, which accounts for almost $3 billion of New York State’s farm cash receipts. As part of its outreach efforts, the department is responsible for implementing initiatives that keep the dairy and livestock community aware of the latest research in animal breeding, nutrition, and reproduction and nutrition management. The Animal Science Department holds several events to engage New York State farmers, ranging from small seminars to large conferences. In addition to events, the department sells software licenses worldwide and fundraises for its undergraduate Dairy Fellows program.

Struggling to Streamline Data Management Processes

With all these initiatives underway, department members began to struggle with their data management and event registration processes. For example, only 14% of the total registrants used the online registration option, while the rest mailed in their registrations and payments. This meant Heather Darrow, Conference Coordinator, had to spend copious amounts of time manually recording both online and paper registrations back in their Access Database. Furthermore, because so many invitees chose to mail checks rather than pay online, the events team had process deposits with the University twice a week with 15-20 checks each.

With these cumbersome processes in mind, the Dairy Management Group was ready to modernize its archaic process. They knew they needed a turnkey event management platform with automated online event registration that could simultaneously support their efforts to increase sponsorship and donations. 

Centralizing Event Management Solutions with Cvent

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With Cvent’s Event Management platform, the group now uses a single system to manage their total events program. Instead of only sending mailings with instructions on how to register, Heather sends attendees an email invitation linking them directly to the event website where they can register and pay. All event registration information is automatically stored in Cvent’s contact database and payments are automatically deposited into the University’s account.

In addition to streamlining the event management process, Heather found that Cvent could simplify all of the department’s outreach efforts. She says, "The positive effects of Cvent's technology have added time in our day, freed us up to be more creative, and made it easier for our attendees to take advantage of what we offer." With the Cvent platform, applicants can apply online for Cornell’s Dairy Acceleration program, donors can make a donation with one click, and Heather's team can distribute and track the department’s software licenses with ease.

An All-In-One Solution for the Future

Cvent’s comprehensive platform is the solution Cornell's department needed. Moreover, applicants can apply online for Cornell’s Dairy Acceleration program via Cvent. Donors can make an automated donation and Heather can distribute and track the department’s software licenses with clear oversight into program management. Even the renewal process has improved with the use of automated membership alerts for the Dairy Profit Monitor program.

They have since measured impressive results for their program using Cvent as the core of their solution tech stack. The team has measured an incredible 68% increase in registration. They've also seen an average 10% increase in event attendance YoY since 2011. With the increased visibility and on-demand reporting to help prove event ROI, the group has attracted 25% more sponsorship contributions as well. With a centralized contact database, and the ability to manage registrations, donations and software licensing online, the Cornell team is prepared to take on any new initiative that comes its way.

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