Integrating seamlessly with our current event registration, web surveys, and email marketing tools, member-based organisations use Cvent's membership management software as their primary system for membership management.

Create different membership types or tiers, each with its own pricing.

Membership contacts and communications in one system.

With Online Membership Management Software you can:

  • Collect membership sign-ups and renewals
  • Automatically send purchase confirmations and renewal reminders
  • Send off event related communications with our robust email marketing engine
  • Track new memberships, renewals, and expirations with specialised reports
  • Connect members through directories with detailed contact profiles
  • Allow members to view attendance, registration, and payment history

Offer Membership during Event Registration

Cvent's membership management software helps you better manage membership and sponsorship purchases by collecting dues in conjunction with event registration.

  • Allow existing members to easily renew or change their membership
  • Collect membership and registration fees in one simple transaction

Save time by automating administrative processes with links to join and renew on your organisation's website.

  • Pro-rate membership dues based on joining date
  • Create multiple membership types to handle tiered member management and pricing

Increase Member Retention Rates

Attract new members and encourage existing ones to renew with personalised messaging and a user-friendly signup process.

  • Incentivise members to renew early
  • Increase email open rates and automate email processes

Membership Directories

Cvent's membership management software allows your members to search for and communicate with each other.

  • Create multiple websites with unique content and limit visibility for different member types
  • Customise sites with your organisation's branding (slogans, taglines, images, etc.)

My Profile

Allows members to control and restrict the visibility of their membership status and personal information.

  • Allow members to view and update contact information and upload photos
  • Specify which contact information is displayed

My Events

Cvent's membership management software allows members the ultimate accessibility to review their history and manage registrations in one location.

  • Allow members to review previous or current event agendas or modify existing registrations
  • Allow members to promote future events and increase attendance with links to register based on membership type