Supplier Network Opportunities

Cvent Supplier Network

The #1 eRFP Distribution Channel for MICE Business

The Cvent Supplier Network helps planners to identify the suppliers which will receive the opportunity to bid on their upcoming events. Planners can search over 245,000 venues and suppliers to drill down and find the ideal location and supporting cast (all at no cost). 2M RFPs were funnelled through this channel in 2016, making the Supplier Network the perfect avenue for any supplier to attract more meetings business.

Key Highlights from 2016:

  • 2M RFPs sent
  • 34M+ room nights sourced
  • 72M+ total attendee days
  • Average value per awarded RFP: $60,000
  • 2,000 new organisations sourcing each month

Select any of the following tabs to learn more about the advertising opportunities on the Cvent Supplier Network:

Search Screen Ad

The Starting Place for Every RFP Search

The Cvent Supplier Network Search Screen is a premiere opportunity to showcase your property, destination, or event service to planners all over the world. All of our 70,000 plus planner users, including third parties and new users utilising the site, begin every search for a supplier here.

Key Details:

  • Limited inventory available
  • Split by regions: US & Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia & Oceania, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean, and South America
  • Opportunities to advertise within or outside of your region

Diamond Listings

Benefit from better placement in the search results

Diamond marketing packages are offered in each Supplier Network MMA (Major Metropolitan Area). While any supplier can be listed on the network free of cost, it has been proven that advertising properties garner the highest volume of RFPs.

  • 4 Diamond: (Limited inventory).
    • Picture ad appears at the top of the search results
    • Listing rotates amongst other 4 Diamonds and is immune to filters
  • 3 Diamond: (Limited inventory).
    • Picture ad appears on the right side of the search results. Listing rotates amongst other 3 Diamonds and is immune to filters
  • Diamond+:
    • Picture ad appears between natural search
      results 7-8. Listing rotates amongst other Diamond+
      and is immune to filters
  • 2 Diamond:
    • Listing rotates amongst other 2,3, and 4 Diamond listings in the search results, and always appears above 1 Diamond and Basic listings.
  • 1 Diamond:
    • No dedicated picture ad. Listing appears above basic listings

Suggested Ads

Target Planners in the Buying Phase

Appear as a suggested venue while meeting planners create and send RFPs to drive more qualified business to your property. Your ad will show if the planner’s RFP requirements fit your space availability.

Suggested Ads appear:

  • On qualified Cvent venue profiles
  • On the final step of the RFP submission process
  • On a planner’s Suppliers and Responses dashboard
  • In other venues’ RFP Turn Down emails

Suggested Ad Boost for
Competitive Set

Directly target your competitors

Select 4-10 hotels with which you overlap the most. Appear on their venue profiles and other Suggested Ad placement spots.

Suggested Ads
Suggested Ads

Suggested Ads in Additional MMAs

Display your venue in competing markets

Have your Suggested Ad listing appear in additional Major Metro Areas of your choosing.

Competitive Market Ads

Ensure your destination is top of mind

Your venue listing will show up as an alternative venue option on search result pages outside of your Major Metro Area.

Suggested Ads

Feature Chart

All 2 diamond advertisers and above can benefit from additional content, such as floor plans, promotions, maps, images and more.

Feature Chart

See below for a full list of profile features available for all listings types:

Feature Chart

*Diamond Plus profile features are dependent upon the supplier’s listing type at the time of upgrade.

*Basic Listing features may differ from country to country

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Promotions Hub

Promotions Hub

A central dashboard for meeting incentives

In a fiercely competitive eRFP landscape where planners are presented with countless options for their next meeting, it's imperative that your well-crafted venue promotions are standing out above the noise. Cvent's Promotions Hub offers a chance to create, implement, and test your promotional message with our audience of 70,000 plus qualified meeting planners.

  • Marquee Ads (Limited inventory)
    • Always appear at the top of the page
    • Ads will rotate in the form of a slider
  • Gold Promotions
    • Appear second highest in the sort order
    • Order rotates daily amongst other Gold offers
  • Silver Promotions
    • Appear third highest in the sort order
    • Order rotates daily amongst other Silver offers