Event Marketing Strategy for Dummies

Event marketing must become part of your company’s entire marketing mix. From choosing event type, to determining event format, to post-event strategies for success, this book shows you how to drive revenue and results by making every event fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Hybrid Event Strategies for Dummies

Hybrid events offer planners increased flexibility and provide another tool in your toolkit to drive business outcomes. Hybrid events maximize the size of your market and, therefore, the opportunity to drive more revenue.

Virtual Event Strategy for Dummies

Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, and fast becoming an essential part of a successful total events program.

Event Management for Dummies

Learn how event management technology can help you better manage your entire event lifecycle, no matter the size or complexity of your events.

Strategic Meetings Management for Dummies

In these pages, you learn about the key components of an SMM program and how technology is critical to its success. Find out how to get started, how to create a meeting policy, how to roll out the program and track its effectiveness, how to take it global, and how it can be tailored to specific industries.

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