What’s inside

Interviews with InterContinental Wein, Beurs van Berlage and Russotti Gestioni Hotels on how they are using data to guide their recovery.

Insight from revenue management experts on how to navigate rates.  

Tips for how approach data effectively, for maximum output.

Ideas for using data to streamline every facet of your business – from marketing and sales to revenue.  

Data doesn’t have to be difficult

It’s about the way you approach it. Today, you not only need data to make the right decision, but also the most impactful one, so you don’t miss an opportunity to recover your place in the market.But the very existence of data has made us sceptical of it. After all, 70% of statistics are made up on the spot, as the joke goes. It’s easily manipulated and easily misread. Which means the way you read and present data to stakeholders matters just as much as having the data.


How can the data you collect have the needed impact?

Learn how to work effectively with data, from understanding all the different types available to you, to identifying your challenges and increasing agility in decision making.  


Why can’t your buyers find you, and how can you find them?

Discover reports which are vital to understanding your buyers, find out how to bring more traffic to your website through SEO and social media analytics. 


How can you stay on top of new business with a reduced workforce?

Find out how you can respond to the best leads first, develop responses to win new business and nurture existing clients and skyrocket your teams’ performance.

Virtual Event Strategy and Execution

How can you develop a rate strategy that’s not only right for your property but will allow you to stay competitive?

Learn how to better monitor factors that will impact demand, stay ahead of your competition and find out about the tools and technology available to you to better act on data-driven insight.