The Essential Guide to Event Planners for Hospitality Professionals

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No meeting and event planner is alike.

Their venue selections may be based on a wide spectrum of priorities and amenities. One planner may value creativity, while another may prioritise simplicity. Others may want the flexibility to use virtual technology in order to attract more attendees.

So how can you understand event planners as a group, cater to different planner demographics, and enrich your relationships?

This eBook will explore:

  • Getting to Know Your Planners: We examine planner sentiment and perspectives, their meetings goals, and significant challenges.
  • The Planner Path to Venue Selection: How do planners source? We look at the path they take during the selection process, and offer tips on how you can attract them.
  • Working with Planners: Here we share best practices on how to help ensure that planners continue to come back to your venue or city, year after year.

Plus, we've thrown in stats, actionable insights and quotes from our planner clients!

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