The Hotel Manager’s Guide to Safe Events Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a shift in event planner, corporate travel manager and guest priorities. But what does that mean for your property?

As the industry restarts, a rigorous commitment to health and safety will be critical to increasing group and corporate travel leads and maintaining a safe environment for your guests. That is where safe event technology can become a useful ally.

From hotel concierge robots to self-cleaning technology, this ebook outlines a wide array of tech that is available right now for hotels and venues to utilise. Find out how hotels and venues all over the world are keeping guests safe and their doors open with digital transformation.

Download this guide to learn more about: 

  • Using technology to maintain cleanliness protocols
  • Achieving safety efficiently with robotics
  • Communicating safety to planners
  • Keeping guests safe during the event
  • Real examples of safe event technology used in hospitality