Success Story


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Attendance across Events

Manual Process Overload

As part of its services, Worrells offers a wide range of educational resources through numerous breakfast seminars, workshops, webinars, conferences and cocktail parties. To manage these events, the Marketing team used a combination of point solutions and manual processes. While they relied on mass emailing software to send invitations and reminders, they managed the registration process manually and it created a few challenges. The lack of a centralised system and a fragmented registration process led to missing records, inconsistent messaging and overall a lack of visibility for their event planning team. This arduous and error-prone manual process of managing events led Worrells to make a much-needed change.

Rebooting Event Planning Strategy

After dealing with the detriments of manual processes, Worrells decided to join hands with Cvent in 2013. With the Cvent platform, they can manage their event-related functions and get all the information in one central, accessible location. Fewer hours are being spent in collecting, collating and communicating the data needed for planning an event. Details like room requirements, dietary needs, session requests and delegate clothing sizes are collected all at once through a single, unified process.

By emphasising their brand with the help of customised websites, personalised invitations and follow up emails, the team provides a seamless experience to clients even before the event starts. With custom information stored in their contact database, the team is able to create personalised and accurate registration questionnaires. Options like 'add a guest' or 'forward this invitation' in the invitation template further helps them increase the number of attendees and capture new contacts. The team also uses custom reporting to gain greater insight and transparency into their events and easily share the data with stakeholders either via email or by parking the reports online.

Making this transition and adopting a new platform was seamless for Worrells as they worked closely with Cvent's world class customer support team.

Worry-Free Event Planning

With a comprehensive event management solution in place, Worrells has seen a significant increase in its productivity. “There is no way I would be able to handle the workload involved with our current list of events, if I didn't use Cvent,” states Ilana Beitner, Marketing Manager of Worrells Solvency & Forensic Accountants. The firm has observed a rise in attendee registrations as well as its contacts database. “We can also now focus on finding new contacts to invite to each event rather than spending a lot of time following up and maintaining contact with those who have already been invited, as these processes are now automated and streamlined with Cvent's contact groups and automatic email functionality,” says Ilana Beitner. The Worrells team now plans to integrate the contact management feature with their internal CRM system to build a robust database. This will also spare the time and stress involved in undertaking onsite functions manually. “Cvent gives us the confidence that all registrations have been received and we won't have people turning up that we forgot to add to a registration list,” adds Ilana. Lastly, the adoption of Cvent has given Worrells more insights to help them better understand the impact these events have on the success of their business.