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Meetings and events are a powerful marketing channel. But measuring its true impact can be tricky.

The Cvent Event Management platform helps event marketers drive higher attendance, increase attendee engagement, and track real-time event insights.

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Target. Engage. Convert. Repeat.

Whatever the industry or size and type of organization, Cvent gives marketers the tools they need to make the biggest impact and get the highest return from their meetings and events.

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Integrate attendee data into your marketing mix.

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Capture buying signals.

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Build and accelerate your sales funnel.

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Showcase your brand.

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Turn your events into more effective contributors to revenue.

Digitize your meetings and event channel.

Think your meetings and events are an “offline” channel? Think again. You probably know everything your audiences doing on your website and other digital channels. But your events provide some of the most valuable prospect and customer insights you can get, and at 24% of the average marketing budget, they represent a significant investment. Cvent’s event management technology was built with marketers in mind, allowing you to measure and optimize this critical marketing channel so you can drive more value from it.

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Your meetings and event attendees are a data goldmine. Are you listening?

“Generic” is a marketer’s worst enemy. In a noisy marketplace, reaching, persuading, and monetizing your audience means you must understand what they want, when they want it. Live events are a data goldmine: sessions attended, time spent at product booths, session feedback, appointments…interest and buying signals are everywhere. The right event technology can capture these critical interactions, in an instant and give you a fuller, richer picture of your prospects and customers than you ever thought possible.

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Build pipeline and accelerate your sales funnel.

We do business with people we know. So even with an explosion of channels and tactics available to today’s marketers, there’s nothing like live events to drive your business or organization. By capturing event attendee data and sharing it quickly with your marketing automation and CRM systems, you can reduce time to first sales contact, and ensure that follow-up is relevant to your prospect’s expressed interests. Your sales funnel – and your sales team – will thank you.

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Showcase your brand.

Your live events are unique moments to showcase your products and your brand. Being up close and personal with your audience means the impression you make will be a lasting one. From customizable event websites, to innovative, unobtrusive onsite technology for check-in, badging and attendance tracking to award winning mobile apps, Cvent’s event technology platform helps bring your brand to life, spotlighting it in new, dynamic ways.

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Event management tech users enjoy:


Higher growth in marketing's contribution to revenue year-over-year.


More annual improvement in shortening the buyer's journey.


Higher average growth in company revenue year-over-year.