The Event Automation Evolution

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When it comes to event planning, time spent on manual processes quickly adds up. That's why modern event professionals are setting aside their spreadsheets, sticky notes, and tedious processes and replacing them with automated and centralized technology solutions. In fact, planners who leverage event management solutions not only increase productivity by 27 percent, but also boost event attendance by 20 percent. With the time and resources saved through automation, planners are able to shift their focus to more strategic initiatives including:

  • Scaling their event programs.
  • Developing captivating content.
  • Elevating attendee experiences.
  • Proving the impact of their events.

This eBook will take you on an automation journey through the various stages of the event lifecycle. Each of the eight chapters will uncover the common challenges event professionals face, then provide examples of how these challenges can be overcome with the help of technology. You'll also find relatable stories from industry professionals who have changed the way they achieve event success, with the help of automation.