Villa Kennedy, a Rocco Forte Hotel Frankfurt


Increase in Total Number of RFPs Received


Growth in Total Number of Room Nights


Increase in Total RFP Value Sent
to the Hotel

Inspiring Strategic Marketing

In its bid to become the "the only choice" for guests seeking a luxurious city resort, the venue was in search for an innovative and attractive way to promote its unique features and services. But with a less interactive group business strategy, the team was struggling to present its product portfolio to entice potential consumers and build a loyal clientele. They relied heavily on advertisements placed in MICE magazines, but that restricted their brand awareness in the global markets they also wanted to reach.


Solid as a Rock

Villa Kennedy joined hands with Cvent in 2013 to help increase its conversions from old and new clients. To showcase the hotel's luxurious ambience and facilities, the team started using Cvent's advertising platform to achieve better visibility and build awareness in the international market. By uploading a variety of images on the platform, Villa Kennedy can now easily promote its products and expand its reach to the international market. The team can now attract clients even better by customising the client's offer and providing a tailor-made solutions for their needs. With an over 50% increase in total number of RFPs received, the venue has outpaced the Frankfurt market by 14%. Their new marketing strategy also helped them attract a client that held several events in a row over half a year. Cvent's international awareness and its established customer relations have allowed the team to increase its total number of room nights by 51%, outperforming the local market by 19%. Villa Kennedy has surely become the go-to place in Frankfurt, with an imposing stature that unites luxury and personal and attentive service.