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Mobile Event App Solutions

Be more relevant. More engaging. More personalised than ever before.

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Smarter Mobile Event Apps

CrowdCompass by Cvent offers innovative mobile app development for events such as conferences, meetings, conventions, trade shows, etc. No longer a trend, the new standard means that planners worldwide will need to create a mobile event app to meet attendees’ expectations. With CrowdCompass, you can provide a more relevant, more engaging, and more personalised mobile event app experience. We have created over 2,000 unique and customised event apps for clients and there's a reason why we're the #1 developer of event apps: Innovation, collaboration, dedication and the ability to create a memorable mobile experience for your attendees.

"People don't need to pick up a registration packet anymore. We’re heading in the direction of no paper at all. The app is all I use at the conference; I don’t even bother with the printed programme."

– LeAnne Nienhuis, APPA

CrowdCompass Features

Activity Feed

CrowdCompass event apps incorporate smart content technology to create a truly personalised attendee experience. The social Activity feed allows attendees to toggle between three streams of content. All Activity is a complete stream inclusive of all event activity, My Feed is a personalised stream tailored to each individual based on the attendee's interactions with the app. Plus Notifications are listed to help attendees stay on track. Attendees can see:

  • Individual notifications
  • Personalised bookmarks
  • Photos and comments from all sessions or from only the ones they attended

Customised, Branded apps

It's easy to create a branded experience using CrowdCompass EventCentre, our super flexible platform. The EventCentre lets you customise your app's background, headers and icons. Choose from colour themes, background textures and icon packs that can be tinted. Or make it fully your own by adding custom icons to ensure your app matches the broader design of the event.

Feeling is Believing: The 5 Emotions of Successful Event Apps

Mobile apps are changing the way we experience events. And while a poorly-designed event app can stifle or frustrate attendees, a successful app will energise and delight them. Check out this eBook and make sure your next event feels like a success to everyone involved.

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