Accommodation & Travel Management

Transfer critical data without adding needless additional expenses by employing Cvent's event management software to directly communicate with venues, travel agents and event attendees. Integrate seamlessly with the industry's most-utilised travel and accommodation tools.

Housing and Travel Management
menbership management

Membership Management

Cvent's robust membership management software seamlessly interacts with our other tools, including event registration, web surveys, and email marketing. This software provides member-based organisations, such as associations and non-profits, the ability to use Cvent as their primary system, rather than having to synchronise data between multiple applications. Learn More

workflow management

Workflow Management

The planning process for the lifecycle of your events can be managed with greater ease by using the Cvent platform. Create task lists for event staff, pre-set your to-do items, monitor task progress, assign event launch approval rights and schedule invitations, reminders, confirmations and more.

support and training

Support & Training

Our award-winning customer support team have consistently exceeded the expectations of our users. Enjoy dedicated relationship managers, live-training sessions, pre-event launch consultations and unlimited free online training. Cvent's team, available 24/7, is dedicated to helping you and your staff achieve successful events, time and time again.

professional services

Professional Services

Additional support is available via enhanced services and strategy consultation. This includes data processing, analysis of your campaigns and initiatives, and database management. Our dedicated team can help you achieve your goals and help you reach new levels of success.

ssalesforce integration Integration, the industry's premiere CRM tool, integrates seamlessly with Cvent providing you with an easier way to exchange pass data between key on-demand applications. Attendee and registrant data can be set up to quickly transfer between Cvent and Customisation options allow you to align the integration to your business processes.

concur integration

Concur Integration

Why endure the pitfalls that accompany most organisation's travel processes? Simplify your travel management practices by utilizing the power of Cvent and Concur Travel, the world's leading booking tool. Capture and manage more travel spend while adhering to corporate meeting and travel policies.

webex integration

Webex Integration

Managing virtual events has never been as easy or effective. The Cvent/WebEx integration enables users to transfer data seamlessly, associate meetings with a WebEx event, activate and/or modify integration settings and more. This allows registrants to easily attend WebEx meetings with ease, limiting the frustrations that usually accompany online meetings.

eloqua integration

Eloqua Integration

Cvent's event management solution integrates with the Eloqua Cloud Connector to link your event activity with the rest of your marketing automation programs. With this integration, you can collect data from a Cvent campaign, such as a person RSVPing for an event, and immediately note that action in Eloqua. Then, by placing them in a contact group for reference and analysis, or using a program feeder to automate follow-up actions, you will be able to enhance the power and reach of Eloqua.

Mobile Payments

Secure mobile payments can be delivered directly to your bank accounts when being received from the Cvent system. This secure process enables users to take advantage of the technology and convenience that mobile allows and enables organisation's the opportunity to receive monetary transactions swiftly and securely.

menbership management

508 Compliance

Cvent is compliant with Section 508 of the Federal Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility and Compliance Act. Within Section 508, Subpart B category 1194.22 provides 16 rules for web-based intranet and internet information and applications. Cvent strives to maintain compliance with these standards for attendees using our application to register for events.

workflow management

Data Security

Cvent's thousands of customers experience the highest level of data security, which surpasses the minimum obligations to ensure that data is safe at the physical, network, host and application levels, offering all of our clients confidence, and peace-of-mind."";