The Intermedia Group

Success Story

Over 100%

Increase in registrations over 2 years

3 hours

Saved every day on Managing Events


Saved on Onsite Management

Manual Planning Processes Nightmare

Managing so many large-scale events with two person team was a herculean task for Interpoint. Their work required them to send promotional emails to a large amount of prospective attendees on a regular basis. They were also spending a lot of man-hours on building websites and registering attendees manually for their events. The team realised it was time to invest in an event management technology solution that could lessen their workload and deliver work faster.

Events With Technology

Interpoint decided to look for a solution that would help them cut down on costs and precious man-hours so that their time and money could be more productively spent elsewhere. The Interpoint team realised that a comprehensive online event management platform would help them plan & execute their events effectively and manage their tasks skilfully. In 2008, Interpoint joined hands with Cvent to effectively coordinate all their events, saving 3 hours daily on event website set-up, registration management, invoicing and reporting. They also saved up a lot of time on email marketing and website development, as Cvent's solutions provided them with ready-to-use customised emails and web development tools. Cvent's mobile event app CrowdCompass helped them further save printing costs.

"Combining Cvent's extensive event planning tools we have been able to effectively coordinate more than 20 events per year with our two person team, saving three hours each day on registration and website set-up, registration management, invoicing and reporting." 
- Laura Honey, Marketing & Operations Assistant, Interpoint Events

Reaping Benefits

With the aid of Cvent's email marketing tools – which include features like tracking abandoned registrants, RSVP buttons, event reminders and sending customised emails to different invitation lists – registrations in one of Interpoint's event doubled from 1,103 in 2014 to 2,332 in 2016.

Also, instead of employing a third-party service provider for assisting with their onsite registration, they took advantage of Cvent's onsite solution OnArrival to manage their attendees, and in return, saved $20,000 per event!

It's been 8 years since the Interpoint team chose to partner Cvent, and the partnership is as strong as ever. Since their initial investment in the Event Management Software, Interpoint has explored newer products from Cvent's product portfolio like CrowdCompass, OnArrival, and more recently, Abstract Management. Interpoint has enjoyed this long-standing collaboration and plans to deepen this relationship in the years ahead. Cvent continues to impress Interpoint, so much so that they sent their Marketing & Operations Assistant Laura Honey to Las Vegas to attend Cvent's annual conference Cvent CONNECT in 2016.