January 17, 2020
By Megha Jetley

Welcoming 2020 and reflecting on 2019 in Cvent Celebrity

It’s been an incredible year for Cvent Celebrity, Cvent’s customer loyalty programme. In 2019, Cvent Celebrity welcomed over 3,000 new members from the meetings and hospitality industries taking the total number of Celebrities to over 7,700.

Cvent Celebrity is designed to educate, connect and celebrate Cvent users. With Cvent Celebrity, you can enrich your knowledge of everything Cvent, stay relevant with industry news at your fingertips, and make an impact on Cvent’s products through suggesting changes and wishlists.

To show our appreciation of our amazing Celebrities, Cvent Celebrity launched the first annual Celebrity Hall of Fame Awards to celebrate the contributions and successes of individual Celebrities from different businesses and backgrounds who’ve been an integral part of the programme in 2019.


`We created a series of challenges to recognise our Hall of Fame Celebrities for various achievements, such as completing over 500 challenges in 2019, engaging in the hub for 12 consecutive months, or being a Celebrity of the Month last year. All our Hall of Fame members also received a special end-of-year reward.

Let’s look at the Hall of Fame winners who won in these 5 categories: 

Cvent Celebrity Superstar Award 

The Cvent Celebrity Superstar Award recognises one customer from each Cvent business cloud (Event and Hospitality) for going above and beyond for Cvent this year.

And the winners are…

Brenda Ainsburg (Event Cloud)

 Andrea Timbes (Hospitality Cloud)

Most Engaged Celebrity Award 

The Most Engaged Celebrity Award recognises Celebrities that have been engaged with the programme in the last 12 months.

And the winners are…

Amy Zientek

Andrea Davis

Nick Faulkenberg

Tara Shuert

Samantha Sajina

Sarah L. Murphy

Marissa Wagoner

Kristin Porter

Kavita Thakur

Lindsay Buchanan

Katie Cincotta

Joseph Suk

Caroline Ngo

Yan Wu

Sukrut Dasture

Laura Maestro

James Perry


Most Challenges Completed Award 

The most challenges completed award recognises Celebrities who have completed more than 500 Celebrity hub challenges in the last 12 months!

And the winners are…

Colleen Kennedy Carla Marshall Virginia Early Hall
Kim Schechter Tim Stuhldreher Kristina Holbrook
Anne Chen Benjamin Voskuil Karen Kober
Theresa Evans    

Distinguished Cvent Celebrity Award 

The distinguished Cvent Celebrity award recognises Celebrities that have been engaged with the Cvent Celebrity programme for over 2 years.

And the winners are…

Angela Whiteside Rebecca Quinn Megan Vivier
Shannon Harrison Hallie Loeb Andrea Timbes
Judy Smadu Ivonne Ramirez Colleen P. Musser
Jim Sherman    

 All the Cvent Celebrities of the Month in 2019 

In this category, we recognise all our Cvent Celebrities of the Months in 2019.

And the winners are…

Virginia Early Hall, January 2019 Ed House, February 2019 Karin Beswick, March 2019
Jonathan Carmona, April 2019 Jessa Kolhaas, May 2019 Amanda Lukowski, June 2019
Cecilia Golombek, July 2019 Brenda Ainsburg, August 2019 Jacqueline Ward, September 2019
Michelle Hosey, October 2019 Drew Fournier, November 2019 Melissa Thuston, December 2019

Congratulations to all the winners who received a 2019 Cvent Celebrity Hall of Fame Award!


Megha Jetley

Megha Jetley

Megha Jetley joined Cvent as the Team Lead, Customer Marketing after more than five years in the journalism world based in New Delhi, India. As a passionate marketer, she's always willing to write on industry-relevant topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, teaching underprivileged kids and playing online games.

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