Get the most out of the Attendee Journey™

Cvent understands proving event ROI is hard. That's why our reports give you more event details before, during, and after your event to prove its value.

Prove and Improve ROI

Prove & Improve Event ROI

Detailed reporting and actionable insights

All your data in one place

Boardroom Ready

We deliver reports that help you prove your event performance across your organisation.

Presentable Data

We're Here to Help

Our full-service capability helps you combine complex event data points to distill valuable event performance information.

Core Reporting

Our event reporting suite gives you clear visibility across data points before, during, and after your event.

Session Data

Get actionable points of measurement on how your sessions are performing.

Attendee Tracking

Session scanners and RFID tracking will help you better understand where attendees are and what they interact with at your events.

Registration & Check-In

Plan ahead, react to traffic, and understanding peak check-in times help right size staff, save money, and enhance the day-of experience.

Lead Capture

Whether it's events you attend or events you're hosting, Lead Capture reports show actionable data from the event floor.

Data Filters

Quickly access the most pertinent data for speedy reporting.

Comparison Reports

Comparing event data is important to benchmark your metrics across dates, locations, etc. to monitor performance.

Advanced Reporting

Our consultative approach when you have hundreds of sessions and data points for deeper event metrics that are tied to your business process.

Attendee Type

Account-based Analytics

See a detailed analysis of how attendees of an account have engaged with a sales or marketing activity at your event.

Account Based Analytics

Audience Segmentation

See where and how attendees interacted with your event across demographics, accounts, products, and more.

Reporting Data Filters

Filtering & Aggregation

Powerful filtering capabilities help to break down how aggregate attendee groups are interacting across event touch points.

Import Data

Import custom data and metrics

Make the reports more meaningful by combining Cvent data with your own internal fields, data groupings, benchmarks, and metrics.