Why Integrate?

Here are just a few reasons why we recommend integrating your tech stack:

Get a more complete profile of your customers and prospects.

Accelerate your revenue pipeline.

Save time and improve accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.


Cvent’s partnership with Marketo helps you execute more successful events.

With Cvent’s out-of-the-box Marketo integration, you'll generate demand and leads, build better relationships with prospects and customers, and drive sales value through more complete audience profiles, more conversions, and acceleration of the sales cycle.

How Cvent Integration Hub Helps You

From your CRM system, to your expense tracking software, to your marketing automation system, you rely on multiple applications to manage your business. That means it’s critical for all of them to work together and offer you a unified, holistic data exchange across your tech stack. The Cvent Integration Hub allows you to do just that, creating a seamless flow of data between any of your SaaS solutions and Cvent. Cvent’s open platform allows you to integrate with any web-based programme. 

The Cvent Integration Ecosystem

Quickly act on your event leads with seamless data flow to your CRM.

Improve your workflow processes and customer engagement simultaneously with connected data, automatic updates, tasks, rule assignments, and much more.

Create campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle and teach you more about your audience.

Accurately capture event activity and attendee behavior in your Marketing Automation System for more targeted campaigns, stronger messaging, and powerful customer insights.

Elevate the success of your online meetings and seminars.

Seamless sharing of data between web conferencing platforms and Cvent allows event registrants to easily attend virtual meetings. Alleviate the technical frustrations that can sometimes derail registration and attendance.

Wow your members with dynamic events and synchronized profiles.

Authenticate your members for your exclusive events and get a 360-degree view of their attendee journey. Skip the manual processes and improve the data flow in your tech stack.

Bring hotel and flight booking into your comprehensive attendee management process.

Capture and manage more travel spend while driving compliance to corporate travel policies, reducing travel expenses.

Simplify and automate event payments for a better budgeting process.

Capture and track meeting and event spend directly and securely in Cvent for greater visibility and more accurate reporting.

Are you a developer?

Access our technical resources to learn more about connecting your systems to Cvent!


Need a custom integration?

Cvent can also connect to virtually any other web-based program using our API and Webhooks options. You can create a custom integration using your development experts or ours.