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Optimise meetings and events management with the platform that connects you to over 112,000 planners.

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Engage more high quality prospects

Tap into Cvent's extensive global sourcing networks to showcase your hotel, venue or destination to over 112,000 planners.

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Close more leads in less time

Set yourself apart from your comp set and turn prospects into customers.

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Simplify manual processes to design and execute successful events

Collaborate with planners and seamlessly manage your group room blocks and build to-scale diagrams and build long-term partnerships.

Easily manage events

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Identify and act on opportunities using real-time data

Understand your comp set and assess performance to win more MICE business.

Improve your performance

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Win more transient business

Develop and expand your corporate business, increase the efficiency of your hotel when managing and responding to RFPs, and evaluate how you stack up against the competition.

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