Optimising Your Trade Show Programme

Our powerful solutions help support the success of your entire trade show programme, from pre-event communications and appointments to onsite lead capture and off-site networking events.  Whether you’re a marketer looking to add sales pipeline or a trade show planner, Cvent provides actionable reporting to better prove and deliver event ROI. 

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Why use the same tools at every show you attend?

  • Configure the solutions once to standardise your lead collection and reduce pre-event administrative work.
  • Eliminate post-event spreadsheet management and get leads immediately in the hands of your sales teams by integrating with your marketing automation tools.
  • Train your onsite team on one tool instead of learning a new tool at every event they attend.
  • Most importantly, by capturing data in a consistent format you can compare lead quality and event success more easily and accurately.
Universal Appointments

Stack the odds in your favor by pre-scheduling appointments with Universal Appointments

  • Schedule meetings with customers and prospects before you arrive.  
  • Increase appointments by allowing attendees to sign themselves up for meetings with your staff using a shareable self-scheduling link.
  • Capture relevant meeting information using Appointments custom questions beforehand so you are prepared for every meeting.
Intelligent Lead Capture

Accelerate the growth of your sales pipeline with Universal LeadCapture

  • Scan badges, business cards, or manually enter leads
  • Qualify leads using custom questions and question logic
  • Share digital documents and marketing materials with attendees in a few quick clicks
Attendee Type

Demonstrate Results and Optimise Performance

  • Close more deals by getting them to sales and marketing quickly using Integrations
  • Get the reporting and data you need to measure success and improve outcomes using Reporting & Analytics


The high-impact trade show planner

How do the highest performing trade show planners capture more leads and deliver a higher ROI? Here are 4 ways to upgrade your work and maximize your impact.

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Exceptional event management and conference app functionality with Cvent and CrowdCompass.

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The shift from in-person events to virtual has left those of us who use trade shows to connect with customers and prospects struggling to fill a lead gap in our marketing and sales funnels.