November 26, 2019
By Megha Jetley

Being in the business where you have a lot of event planning to do, it is important to heed the best advice from the experts in the field. Our Cvent Celebrities have created, curated and redefined what it takes to be successful in this industry and are sharing these best practice tips to help you take your events a notch higher.

Suffice to say, whether you are new to event planning or are an industry veteran, you’ll find incredible value in what our Cvent Celebrities have to say.

What best practice tip do you have for organisers to help them manage their event onsite?


“Communication. Whether it is staff, suppliers or software, you need to ensure all onsite resources are aligned on their responsibilities and are fully briefed throughout the planning process. Understanding the points of escalation should anything change, or crisis occur onsite will result in perfect execution of contingency. We all plan for perfection but managing unforeseen circumstances are what provides the most seamless event experience for clients and attendees onsite.”

 – Liz Zutshi, Commercial Director, TTA


“One must always have a Plan B in the back of the mind whether that’s shipping extra materials, extra badge paper, etc. I live by the 6 P’s: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!”

– Pamela Wimmer, Special Events/Programmes Manager, The Optical Society

What are one or two pitfalls to watch out for when planning an event?


“There can be a lot of situations that may arise before or during the event. Long lines at check-in and activity wait listing might lead to some unwanted troubles.”

– Janet Neely, Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board


“There are some very common issues that arise which we as event organisers seem to ignore involuntarily and later turns to a pitfall so always check on over promising a vision. Realising budgets are easy to go over with changes.”

– Kathleen Estes, Senior Sales Manager, Hilton Omaha

How do you overcome the pitfalls you face when planning an event?


“If long lines and wait listing is an issue, you must use OnArrival and ensure not to put a maximum on your activity waitlist based on capacity of activity, so attendees don’t have false hope of gaining a spot on that activity.”

– Kelly Ohmes, Client Services Supervisor, Meridian Loyalty


“Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and find quick easy ways to reset your mindset throughout the day (meditation, coffee break, quick walk). Remember that everyone is there to support the event, including staff and contractors, and every person along that chain is important to your success.”

– Geoffrey Seiler, Registration and Travel Coordinator – International Baccalaureate Organisation

What Cvent success tips do you have for new Cvent users?


“Push notifications via CrowdCompass is a great way to get out a quick message or reminder to attendees…and it helps cut down on random emails/calls/texts from people asking the same questions.”

– Jaime Halteman, Associate Partnership Development & Events Manager, McGraw-Hill Education



"Immerse yourself in the tutorials and the Cvent user Community. We are a friendly bunch and very willing to help each other learn to optimise Cvent’s robust suite of tools!”

– Lori Wildman, Senior Marketing Manager, DMA – DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

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Megha Jetley

Megha Jetley

Megha Jetley joined Cvent as the Team Lead, Customer Marketing after more than five years in the journalism world based in New Delhi, India. As a passionate marketer, she's always willing to write on industry-relevant topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, teaching underprivileged kids and playing online games.

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