October 25, 2023
By Cvent

The wait is over! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Cvent's 2023 Top Lists: The Best of the Best MICE Destinations in Europe. The eBook pulls back the curtain on what makes these premier destinations excel year after year. 

Learn their strategies for delighting clients, innovations that set them apart, use of technology and collaboration, and insights from local convention bureaus.

Why This List?

Cvent's Best of the Best MICE Destinations in Europe for 2023 isn't just a random selection of cities. This annual list is curated by analysing total requests for proposals (RFPs), response and conversion rates, and other activities via the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN). It ranks destinations based on their MICE business performance to blend data with insider perspectives from top convention bureaus. 

Together, they provide a comprehensive look at the strategies and success factors that enable Europe's premier destinations to give a complete picture of what makes these destinations successful. From London's balance of heritage and innovation to Berlin's adaptability, these cities have stories and successes worth noting.

Here's a sneak peek into the eBook:


Not only does it rank as the top MICE destination, but with over 1,000 event venues, London is ever-evolving. Notably, it's home to Oceandiva, a carbon-neutral venue on the River Thames, and is a leader in cutting-edge event technology.


Ranked sixth, Berlin stands out with its swift adaptability to the dynamic needs of event planners. Initiatives like the Berlin Meeting Campus reflect this agility.


Recognised for sustainability, this city, ranking seventh, focuses on high-quality events. Its adept use of technology, especially data analytics, allows for a tailored approach to event planning.


Further insights include details on other top cities like Vienna and Frankfurt, exploring how they merge quality venues, strategic locations, technology, and innovation to create memorable events. In short, it's a masterclass in creating MICE magic.

What You'll Gain:

Cities in Spotlight: 

Dive deep into what makes these top destinations the giants in the MICE industry.

Harnessing Tech for Triumph: 

Understand the role of technology in shaping the MICE industry and how cities use platforms like Cvent to engage, captivate, and secure their positions.

From Vision to Reality: 

Learn how cities are keenly attuned to the wants and whims of event professionals, ensuring their event visions aren't just met but exceeded.

In Their Own Words: 

Savour some genuine pearls of wisdom with direct quotes from top destinations. For instance, did you know that Amsterdam leans heavily into Cvent's data analytics to align their objectives perfectly with planners' needs?

A Playbook for Excellence

Europe has always been a hub for creativity, innovation, and grand events. Each city has its flair, its signature touch that elevates any event from great to extraordinary. So, if you're an event planner, an industry professional, or just someone keen to understand the shifting sands of the MICE landscape, this eBook is your comprehensive guide.


Dive into Europe's best MICE cities. Download the eBook today.

See you in the pages!

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