March 10, 2021
By Cvent

Much like the rest of the world, the pandemic has changed hospitality. Both event and hospitality professionals are looking for ways to move with the times and reconnect with their clients. To appeal to planners as they source for the future, venues and hotels are shifting their marketing, sales and operations to suit a health-conscious and safety-oriented generation.

Hotel Bristol Vienna is one such venue that is going above and beyond for their buyers, providing new ways to help them prioritise duty of care for guests, as well as finding innovative ways to tackle issues such as social distancing.

Find out how Hotel Bristol Vienna are approaching hotel safety:

1. What steps are your venue taking to create a safe but engaging environment for guests?  

Since the founding of Marriott over 90 years ago, health and safety has been at the heart of Marriott’s approach to hospitality. This commitment to our guests and associates continues to anchor us and it informs our decisions as we adapt to new challenges presented by COVID-19.

We understand that people are thinking about travel differently now. We are, too. That’s why we have elevated our exacting standards and rigorous protocols to create a “new normal” in hospitality that addresses the unique challenges presented by the current pandemic environment.

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2. How are you adapting your marketing strategies to deliver safety messages successfully and rebuilding trust?

Through the decades, we have come together as partners. Never has that been more important than now. Responding effectively to this new environment is a shared responsibility. We are laser focused on providing our teams with the tools, training, and resources that are necessary in this environment.

We believe that travel connects us to each other, widens our perspective, enriches us and inspires us. We will travel again soon. And, when you are ready, we’ll be ready to welcome guests back.

3. How are you approaching health and safety?

This “new normal” will evolve and change to reflect government guidance and new societal expectations. What will never change is our commitment to keep associates, guests, and customers safe. This is our utmost priority. We are constantly evaluating our cleanliness guidelines at every step in the customer journey and in every physical space in our properties.

We are deploying scientifically supported practices and innovations, with specific focus on:

Deeper, More Frequent Cleaning

1. Deploying 200+ enhanced cleaning protocols to disinfect every space more frequently, especially during peak times.

2. Consistently and frequently disinfecting all high-touch items, like elevator buttons and door handles.

3. Encouraging hand hygiene through frequent hand washing and sanitisation.

A Safe Sanctuary

1. Deep cleaning of each guest room between guests.

2. Providing disinfecting wipes in every guest room and suite.

3. Evaluating housekeeping frequency to reduce contact during a guest’s stay.

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Less Contact, More Convenience

1. Using mobile technology such as Mobile Dining, eFolio delivery and Mobile Requests via the Marriott Bonvoy™ App.

2. Enabling social and physical distancing practices, reducing allowable capacity in spaces, increasing distance between pieces of furniture, and managing queuing areas.

3. Enabling hybrid meetings via live-streaming.

Nourishing the “New Normal”

1. Redesigning food and beverage station setups to include protective barriers, and removing self-service stations and non-essential items.

2. Offering a variety of grab-and-go contactless food and beverage options.

3. Tailoring options for meetings and groups to enable reserved spaces.

4. How are you approaching social distancing in your hotel?

Associates are practicing physical distancing by standing at least two meters away from guests. Guests should also stand at least two meters from associates and from others who are not traveling with them, including in any area where guests or associates queue. Such areas are clearly marked and, where possible, one-way traffic flow will be indicated.

Lobby furniture, restaurant layouts, and other public seating areas have also been reconfigured.

8. What are you doing to make the life of event planners easier, and to assist them in digital transformation?

1. Modifications to food and beverage service with the goal to reduce in-person contact with guests.

2. We avoid traditional buffet service and all associates wearing appropriate PPE.

3. Physical protective barriers are now in place, as appropriate, for food displays.

4. Locations of meals, breaks and food displays have been modified and restricted to spaces reserved explicitly for each meeting or event.

Furthermore, we work with our customers to customise seating capacities and room setups to ensure safe spaces that meet their individual needs

9. How are you letting planners know that your hotel is open and safe for events?

Through key partner such as Cvent, email and social media channels. Participation in virtual trade shows.

These are uncertain times, but together we will succeed.

Event planners and venues must lean on each other more than ever to be successful. New restrictions and COVID-19 guidelines are new to all of us. That means that it is key to collaborate effectively and to know what the other side expects.

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