November 10, 2022

Your guide to hosting at Amsterdam Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage

The venue an event planner picks often impacts the success of an event. Pick one suited to your MICE needs, in a great area of a great city and you could:

  • Give attendees an incentive to attend
  • Improve attendee experience
  • Give you engaging marketing material

Beurs van Berlage is a conference venue located in the heart of Amsterdam. Originally a stock exchange, the venue has a unique appeal due to its 20th century, St. Pancras-like architecture.

Because of the venue’s fifteen-minute commute from Schiphol airport, Beurs van Berlage is easily accessible and a great venue for international conferences.

Beurs van Berlage exterior

Beurs van Berlage exterior

Here’s how to make the most of your event at Beurs van Berlage:

Select a meeting room that will fit your event and wow your attendees

Beurs van Berlage has 21 meeting rooms. The main rooms include:

  • Grote Zaal (Translation: Great hall)

Grote Zaal was originally used to trade goods such as pepper, coffee, cocoa, sugar and oil. It’s now a unique venue for conferences and events.

Find out how to optimise Grote Zaal based on its facilities

Grote Zaal Cvent

Grote Zaal

  • Effectenbeurszal (Translation: Stock market hall)

Stocks and bonds were once traded here daily. In 1912 it became the location for currency exchange and transfer office. It was then converted into a concert hall for the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra in 1985. While the stage may be gone, it retains its improved acoustics.

Find out how optimise Effectenbeurszal based on its facilities



  • Graanbeurszaal (Translation: Corn Exchange Hall)

Originally a corn exchange hall, it transitioned to an exhibition for industrial design, then to the rehearsal space of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra. The Graanbeurszaal is now an excellent location for events.

Find out how to optimise Graanbeurszaal based on its facilities

Beurs van Berlage Graanbeurszaal



Check the venue has the correct accreditations

When organising events such as medical conferences, its crucial to check that the venue has accreditation. This is vital if a venue wishes to organise, sponsor or participate in a medical conference in Europe involving pharmaceutical company payments.

Beurs van Berlage was recently awarded the Green certificate: “Assessed Healthcare Venue” and this makes it an excellent venue for medical, scientific conferences. It’s also great for in-house training courses for doctors and other healthcare professionals that are co-financed or organised by pharmaceutical companies.

Click here for more information.


Make sure the venue conforms to your specifications

All halls within Beurs van Berlage are equipped to include facilities such as:

  • Staging
  • Laptops
  • Sound systems
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Monitors

They also provide audiovisuals, exhibition stand builds, signage, catering, hotel and registration services and can provide a local professional Congress Organiser.

For more information on facilities, click here.


Check that the venue is suitable for your type of event

Next to hosting international conferences, they also host corporate events, dinners, and public fairs and events. Each of their rooms offer a unique setting for your event and can be tailored to your specific needs.

In January 2018, a four-day e-sports tournament, the Hearthstone Tour World Championship, took place in the Beurs van Berlage. The venue is a perfect spot for e-sports due to their fast internet connection.


Pick a popular destination to excite attendees

Amsterdam has a lot to offer. It’s one of the most iconic capitals of Europe and a magnificent setting for international conferences and it’s no a surprise that the ICCA (the International Congress and Convention Association) declared it one of the most innovative congress cities in the world!

Amsterdam Conference Centre, Beurs van Berlage is an ICCA member and is often represented at ICCA conferences.


For more information on this venue’s MICE capacities check out their Cvent Supplier Network page here.

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