An app that lets you and your exhibitors collect, qualify, and follow-up with leads at trade shows you're hosting or attending

Capture leads

Qualify leads in real-tme

Custom qualification process

Export leads on-demand

Prove event ROI

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Events you host 

As an event organizer, it's up to you to deliver value to your exhibitors and help them get a positive return on their investment. With Cvent LeadCapture, you can help them improve ROI and easily capture, qualify, and rate leads they engage with.

Help exhibitors capture leads at conferences


Events you attend 

Cvent Universal LeadCapture provides a consistent solution to manage lead retrieval at all events you attend. Standardize your process with easy lead scanning, custom qualification questions, and quick sharing of digital documents to accelerate your sales pipeline. 

Help your team capture leads at trade shows


Events you host

Cvent LeadCapture

Capture and qualify leads onsite

LeadCapture allows exhibitors to easily scan, qualify, and rate the leads they engage with at your event. No more jotting notes on the back of business cards or manually entering in contact information when they get back to the office!

  • Digitally capture and qualify leads on the show floor
  • Add custom questions for better sales qualification
  • Export leads on-demand to any database

Detailed information for effective sales follow-up

Exhibitors can quickly prioritize the best leads for their sales team by creating custom qualification questions.

  • Import leads directly into their CRM system
  • Prioritize and follow-up on leads post-event
  • Control visibility into their event leads – in one place

Prove the ROI of their participation in your event

Your exhibitors will have full access to lead count and quality, and can determine the amount of sales pipeline and closed business that result from your event.

  • Real-time access to lead count and quality
  • Intuitive reporting capabilities to accurately measure and evaluate ROI
  • Justify future participation

Events you attend

Cvent Universal LeadCapture

Contactless lead capture and consistent qualification process

Eliminate the need to manually transcribe business cards or rent expensive lead-scan devices that differ from event to event.

  • Capture leads at events you host and attend on your mobile device

  • Collect leads by scanning a QR code, name badge, or business card

  • Qualify, rate, and add notes in real-time for each lead via the app

Faster and more effective sales and marketing follow-up

LeadCapture not only enables you to collect more leads, but those leads will also be better qualified for your sales team through custom qualifications. And, by integrating with your CRM, your sales team can follow-up more quickly - converting to sales pipeline and closed-won business.

  • Create custom qualification questions

  • Integrate into your CRM or marketing automation tool

  • Follow-up with potential buyer faster and more accurately

Consolidated and actionable performance reporting

All lead data across your events are centrally stored, making single event and cross-event reporting more accurate. You'll be able to identify which events have the highest return and which trade shows may not be worth the investment.

  • Understand the quality of event leads and assess the ROI you're getting from each trade show

  • Prove and improve event performance for your team, your exhibitors, and your sponsors with intuitive reporting capabilities

  • Consolidate data in one location and make it easy to remain compliant with the latest privacy laws and regulations

Hear what our customers have to say

CPA Global

CPA Global could qualify leads onsite and route them directly to the correct rep via their CRM. They could also monitor sales activities and follow-up while the team was still onsite.

  • $8,000 saved in labor costs
  • 7 hrs saved importing leads
  • 30% total cost savings


With Cvent, Merkle was able to successfully integrate event data into their CRM, allowing their sales team to better track, follow-up, and become a global multi-million-dollar opportunity generator.

  • 6,000 MQLs generated
  • 9,000 new-to-database leads
  • $1M pipeline generated

W.L. Gore & Associates

By integrating Cvent with Salesforce, Gore was able to more readily leverage attendee data, accelerate sales pipeline, collect leads faster, and get them out to marketing/sales quicker.

  • 500 annual events
  • 98% mobile app adoption
  • 100% self-registered

Get more value from your events and easily report on ROI

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