Driving Talent Development From a Distance

Hear from experienced people leaders on how to successfully manage hybrid teams and set your team up for success.

The BIG Debate: People vs Technology

People and technology: two distinct entities that are shaping our world. But who will ultimately triumph in this ongoing battle for supremacy? This lively debate is sure to get you thinking!

Remix & Renew: The Role of "YES" & "NO"

Unlock the power of saying 'no' and learn how this can create sustainable change and build effective teams.

Conference Welcome & CEO Reggie Aggarwal Keynote

Hear from Cvent CEO & Founder, Reggie Aggarwal, as he shares real-life examples of how planners, marketers, and hoteliers are leveraging technology in new and innovative ways.

Get the Inside Scoop with Claudia Winkleman

Get to know this year's conference MC, the one and only Claudia Winkleman! In this lively segment, we'll also dive into a fun Q&A wth some lucky attendees.

Empowerment Through Events

In this inspiring session, Michelle Wheatley shares her story of battling mental illness and eating disorder whilst also delivering world class events and overcoming obstacles.

Women in Leadership: Beyond the Stereotypes

What does it mean to be a successful female leader? Discover new approaches to leadership and learn practical strategies to navigate difficult situations with finesse and power.

The Road to Responsible Consumption

Learn tangible ways to consume more responsibly and deliver a more sustainable event.

AI-Innovation: How Event & Hospitality Professionals Can Use AI

In this CONNECT TV session, explore some of the ways in which AI can boost productivity, efficiency, and impact.

Learn the Power of Self Transformation with Multi-Olympian Kelly Holmes

Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes is an icon and an inspiration. Watch this session to learn about her transformational life journey and important learnings about being persistent, authentic, and inclusive.

Audit your Personal Energy for Sustained Performance with CEO of Grateful Lemon, Mike Ford

In an always-on industry, burnout can become commonplace despite best efforts and investments. In this session, discover the symbiotic relationship between well-being and performance and learn to master the dance between stress and unapologetic recovery.

Best-In-Class Data Reporting: How to Turn Event Data into Actionable Insights

Learn how to use event data effectively for reporting across your entire programme of events. With real-world examples, you'll gain the insights you need to make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

The ICE DEBATE - Elevate or Diversify: Navigating Event Planners' Career Crossroads

Watch this session to discover how building new event roles can allow for more creativity, innovation, and growth within your organisation.

Safeguarding in B2B Events: Prioritising Attendee's Safety and Comfort

This session covers potential safeguarding concerns at B2B events and provides tips on how to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees.

The Future of Global Meetings and Events

Delve into the future of the meetings and events industry, based on insights from the American Express GBT Meetings & Events Global Meetings Forecast.

Breaking Down Barriers: Effective Collaboration for Small and Simple Meetings

Discover how event planners and suppliers can collaborate to make small meetings a smart investment for your organisation.

How AI Can Help You Create Compelling Event Content 20-25x Faster

Don't miss this session to learn the exciting potential of AI for event marketing and how to craft the right prompt to get the best results.

Creating Accessible Event Experiences: A Conversation with Stephen Cutchins

In this CONNECT TV session, hear tips and insights on how to create accessible events that everyone can enjoy.

Mastering Your Check-in and Badging Experience

Get an in-depth overview of Cvent Onsite Solutions and learn how check-in and badging, session tracking, attendee tracking, lead capture, reporting, RFID/NFC capabilities, and more can improve the attendee experience.

Tracking and Reporting for Sustainability and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging)

Gain insight into how organisations are creating more sustainable and inclusive events, and how they track those initiatives by event and at scale.

Future of Event Tech: Fad, Fiction, or For Real?

Watch Cvent's futurist Brian Ludwig in this always popular session to get a fast-paced look at technology and bring tomorrow's ideas home with you today.

Bringing Your Tier 1 Event to Life: The New Pre, During & Post-Event Playbook for Your Marquee Event

Get the playbook that brings a Tier 1 conference to life. Using Cvent CONNECT as a case study, you'll learn about event design, programming strategies, creatives ways to drive attendance, and more.

How Much Are You Worth? Insights into the Industry’s Salaries and Benefits

Join Robert Kenward as he unveils the results of this year’s Annual Events Industry Salary Survey.

Event Marketing and Management Product Roadmap

Don't miss this session where the Cvent Product Management team shares what’s new and what’s next for the Cvent Event Marketing and Management Platform.

Leveraging the latest event planner sourcing insights to make informed and strategic decisions

Get exclusive insights into event sourcing trends from planners located across Europe.

Suppliers & Venue Services product roadmap: New releases to help you grow your MICE business

Learn about new and enhanced Cvent products to help you reach more planners and efficiently manage your day-to-day.

How hospitality technology helps destinations and venues meet MICE and corporate travel business goals

Hear from peers on how technology and automation has impacted their operations.

Corporate Travel Insights: The role of representation companies in driving change

Discover the new needs and requirements corporate travel buyers expect venues to know.

Discover how these trends will impact the way you plan, design, and execute events and hospitality experiences in the years to come.

Empowering planners & venues to achieve seamless event and meeting venue sourcing

Gain a deeper understanding of the processes that planners and venues follow during the sourcing process.

How to leverage Cvent to convert more RFPs into new MICE business

Learn about the latest technology that will help you prioritse and manage your RFP responses.

Partnering with venuedirectory.com for Unforgettable Meetings and Instant Bookings

Learn how integration of Instant Bookings, a game-changing feature that has streamlined the M&E booking process, making it easier and more efficient than ever before.

Unlocking the Power of Data Leveraging the Latest Event Planner Sourcing

Cvent surveyed event planners from Germany and accross Europe in Q3. Get the first look at the key findings from this research, including budget changes, sourcing volumes, event formats and more.

Game-Changing ways to utilise Automation to Tackle the Staff Shortage Challenge

Discover in this session how automation can help you manage RFPs more efficiently, respond faster, and manage room blocks with ease.

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