Attendee Journey

Understanding the attendee journey is an integral part of increasing your event ROI. We have solutions to track session duration, show floor attendance, and allow access control. Cvent scales the solution to fit your event size and budget needs.

Real time data

Real-Time Data

Generate real-time views on session attendance and duration, exhibit floor visits, traffic patterns and event activities. This real-time accessibility allows for reports and metrics to be viewed while on-site in order to give event managers insight into attendee interests.


Scan delegates at the door. Perfect fit for budget conscious events.


Allows delegates to "tap" their badge before entering their session.

Passive RFID

Overhead readers and mats allow you to unobtrusively track the attendee journey.

Access control

Control session attendance by granting access based on enrollment or attendee type.

Tracking CPD credits

Track attendance and issue certificates to meet educational requirements.

Stand visitor tracking

Measure attendance and success of your stand by going beyond business cards.

Event Technology To Power The Onsite Experience

Learn how onsite solutions help you deliver efficient, engaging, and measurable onsite experiences, regardless of the size or complexity of your meeting or event.