Cvent’s GDPR Compliance Summary

Learn about the highlights of Cvent’s GDPR efforts and how we’re helping you drive compliance within your organisation. 

Let’s Get Personal: Data Privacy Laws

Hear from Cvent’s General Counsel Larry Samuelson about the shifting global data privacy regulations and the profound impact they have on meetings and events. 

When the dust settles on GDPR

Patrick Smith, CMO, talks about the value of GDPR and how the regulation is trust dressed as compliance and should be embraced by organisations.

Data security and compliance: Beyond the GDPR

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn about the affects GDPR has had on events, your role in data compliance and more. 

Creating a GDPR compliant event app

Watch this video to learn how to manage your event app in a GDPR complaint way.

Managing your onsite registration and check-in with GDPR

Watch this short video to learn how to manage your onsite registration and check-in process in a GDPR compliant way.

The GDPR guide to best practice event planning

This infographic shows you how to easily protect privacy and build attendee trust - before, during and after your events.

GDPR: What Cvent is doing to drive your event compliance

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn what Cvent is doing to help you become compliant.

GDPR is coming, is your organisation ready?

Read this infographic to learn about how this regulation will impact your meetings and events, and how Cvent can help.

GDPR: Do you understand it?

Watch this webinar to learn about GDPR and what you and your organisation need to do to prepare.


Collection of questions from event and hospitality professionals across the globe.

Get prepared for GDPR

In this blog we discuss how valuable personal data is and the importance of its management.

Get prepared for GDPR - Part 2

In this blog we highlight the 10 key elements of GDPR that you need to prepare for.

Are you ready for GDPR?

If you process data of any EU citizens anywhere in the world you will have to comply with GDPR.


Cvent Stays One Step Ahead of GDPR Compliance

While meetings industry organisations scramble to figure out GDPR, Cvent- an event management software provider - wants to let you know it's been on top of it for a while.

We're here to help!

While GDPR may look like a daunting challenge, you can turn it into an opportunity. By ensuring you have the right event management technology in place to adhere to the new regulations, you can be a standard bearer in your industry for the protection of personal information. That's something to be proud of - and something that will set your brand apart!

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