Venue Sourcing

Competitive Market Ads

Make sure you’re top of mind when event planners are finalising their event locations. Competitive Market Ads give your venue or destination major exposure to planners who are searching in similar areas or sister markets.

  • Get premium placement on Cvent’s platforms.
  • Target competing destinations by appearing on search result pages outside your metro area.
  • Help your venue or destination earn MICE business it would not have gotten otherwise.
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Suggested Ads

The most critical time for your venue to be seen is when event planners are making their selections. With Suggested Ads, your venue captures their attention as they create and send RFPs.

Suggested Ads appear:

• On qualified Cvent venue profiles

• On the final step of the RFP submission process

• On an event planner’s Suppliers & Responses dashboard

• In other venues’ turndown emails

• On the SpeedRFP Network

• On a venue’s Quick View on the map

Boost Your Exposure

Need Dates Booster

With a Need Dates Booster, your Suggested Ad will receive priority placement when the need dates you’ve loaded match an event planner’s search criteria. It’s the best way to find and win business when you need it.

Comp Set Booster

With the addition of a Comp Set Booster, simply specify 4 to 10 of your competitors, and your property will appear on their venue profiles, along with other Suggested Ad placement spots.

Comp Market Booster

Broaden your reach even more with Suggested Ads by Major Metropolitan Areas, which make your listings appear in additional MMAs.

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