B2B Events Get A Long-Needed Digital Makeover

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For B2B marketing and event teams, 2020 delivered a crash course in hosting virtual events. As social distancing rules relax, marketers are starting to shift to hybrid models that incorporate the most successful elements of virtual, while also using in-person events to build relationships with customers.

Cvent commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the current and future state of B2B event planning. Forrester conducted a global online survey with 505 respondents and seven interviews with marketers and event planners to explore this topic. Forrester then developed a maturity model to understand which practices distinguish the companies that are more digitally mature and collaborative in their event-planning efforts from those that have yet to digitally transform their events. 

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  • Shared challenges marketers are facing
  • The future of events
  • Where organisations are investing to grow their event practices