Top Meeting and Event Trends You Need to Know for 2023- for Hospitality Professionals

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It’s that time of year—we’re all deep in planning mode for 2023. That means making sure you’re coordinating between all your teams, optimising your processes, promoting your best assets, and strategising to maximise your revenue. It’s time-consuming and complicated, but it’s critical to your future success. So, we want to simplify this ordeal for you: the key to planning for the year ahead is knowing what to be prepared for.   

Cvent knows just how important this is, so we pulled together top trends you should look out for this year. It’s all based on data flowing through our Cvent Supplier Network, insights from event planners, and research from hospitality industry leaders. With all of these combined, you’ll get a data-based projection of 2023’s trends that’s as accurate as we can make it.


You’ll find out how many trends in hospitality might unfold, including:  

  • The booming hospitality recovery we’re in the midst of  
  • What event planners expect from venue partners 
  • The continued impact of inflation on planner decision-making 
  • How understaffing will remain a constraint on hotels and event venues  
  • How Cvent technology can help your team be more efficient and effective.  

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