2023 Cvent Travel Manager Report Europe Edition

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Business travel may be taking flight, but in a forever-changed new reality.

Today, corporate travel managers are optimistic, and business travel is gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels as trip volumes continue to rise, and in-person meetings become more common. However, there are still challenges to face, such as economic headwinds, inflation, climate change and rising costs which are shifting priorities for corporate travel sourcing and RFP processes across Europe. In fact, 65% of travel managers recently surveyed by Cvent cite costs as their leading concern for their 2024 program.

Download the latest Cvent Travel Manager Report with exclusive insights and trends from over 600 travel managers based in Europe.

Gain key insights into: 

  • How travel managers are coping and adapting to rising costs
  • Insights into the travel manager sourcing process and key year on year changes
  • Future and current priorities and key factors impacting travel managers
  • Much more!

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