Proske increased their efficiency of meetings management and event organisation through a strategic integration with Cvent
Manage 90 events through Cvent yearly
Saved €300,000 on negotiations yearly using CSN
Sources venues in 30 countries using CSN

Struggling with Manual Processes:

Proske is a global company with a client base that spans across 70 countries, they needed a global system that would be universally familiar. Prior to Cvent, Proske had its own custom-built solution which was fit for purpose but didn’t deliver on what was needed to help grow the entire industry, this was something that Cvent could deliver on.

The lack of automation and the excess of manual work hampered the team’s efficiency and resulted in human errors. “we wanted to do things fast, efficiently and in a, a zero-mistake philosophy. And technology obviously helps delivering on all of those points. and therefore, we see big value in, in Cvent.” said CEO, Rene Proske.

Proske’s team heavily focuses on strategic meetings management (SMM) and venue sourcing for their clients; with their extremely diverse client base comes the struggle to source globally and to find a tool that allows them to deliver these solutions. To reduce the time and costs spent and to support the SMM programme and their sourcing efforts, Proske knew it was time to use a global approach to automate and streamline its event management process.


Partnering with Cvent for Success:

Proske decided that Cvent was the solution they were looking for to best shape their industry landscape. By partnering with Cvent, they found an integration solution that would help bring the industry forward and had the biggest ability to sustain their future investment needs. “We’re just in the beginning of what we’re seeing with regards to event automation. There’s a lot going to happen in the future. Our role as agencies is going to change a lot. The role of technology, in general, is going to increase a lot. We wanted to buy into the right partner, and we think we did,” says Rene Proske, CEO, Proske.

Excelling at Strategic Meetings Management:

Proske heavily specialises in strategic meetings management. As this is a prime business focus, business intelligence and tools around SMM are of high important for the company. Their client base is diverse, and they manage several life science events which have very strict compliance and regulatory requirements, Cvent’s software helps them gather this information and have it easily accessible for reporting. The multitude of events being created for various organisations are increasing, this is because with the aid of event technology they have the bandwidth to take on more work, meaning they have a direct impact on the bottom line for their customers. SMM programmes have an increasingly high value for organisations because they deliver not only on savings but also help to mitigate risk. To meet KPI’s of ensuring attendee safety and delivering on organisational goals requires tools which can measure and improve performance. SMM programmes do just this, it helps organisations deliver on a number of their event goals. Rene Proske explains It’s my personal mission to get strategic meetings management deeply and firmly rooted in Europe, the same as it is in the US, and a partner like Cvent can definitely help with that.

Optimising Strategic Venue Sourcing with Cvent Supplier Network (CSN):

Proske plans hundreds of events for their customers globally and their sourcing team sources thousands of properties every year. Before Cvent, Proske would rely on manual sourcing, which didn’t guarantee them the same quality of venue selection around the globe. In taking advantage of the Cvent Supplier Network, their sourcing team can use the same tool to successfully source global venues, easily managing and tracking multiple bids, negotiated savings, and key efficiencies in their sourcing timeline. By using the same tool to source venues across the world enables them to host all their venue data in one place, reducing duplication of work, saving them time and eliminating human error. Providing them with a consistently high quality of sourcing every time, in every country. This is a benefit for the customer, but also a benefit for us as an agency because now we can actually sell and promote global services to our clients. This is an asset for us and we’ve gained a lot of business through that,explains Rene.  “There is a true benefit in using Cvent because we can source in Germany, but we can also source in Hong Kong.” 

Finding Valuable Savings with Cvent:

Proske needed a technology that helped them make systems faster and more efficient, and they wanted to excel in a zero-mistake philosophy. With Cvent’s tools, they could finally present clear recommendations to their customers on where they could improve their programmes. From the individual attendee experience and from the programme owner’s experience, their customers receive great insights. With Cvent reports, SMM programme owners now had the opportunity to prove the value of their programmes. Rene Proske explains, We see big value in Cvent and we can also market ourselves with that because the more efficient we are and the better we use the tools, the more value we add for our customers, and the lower our rates can be.He adds,There are many things that now have just reduced the time. Also, in regard to the amount of money we have to charge our clients- We can be more competitive through that. 

Proske has been a family-owned Event Management company since 1986. With offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Rosenheim, and NYC, their event agency is sustainably growing with 80 employees speaking 16 different languages. Proske specifically focuses on live marketing for meetings, specialising in strategic meetings management. Their primary goal is to successfully produce programmes that add value for their customers.

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