Why become a Cvent Celebrity?

We recognise that passionate and engaged customers like you are our most valuable assets and our brightest voice in the market.

Cvent Celebrities:

  • Shape the future of our products
  • Share positive experiences
  • Are trusted advisors
  • Help each other to be successful

How Cvent Celebrity works

Complete challenges and earn points

As a Cvent Celebrity, you are recognised as being one of our most valued customers. We post new challenges and activities weekly where you can earn points and grow your skills as you expand your knowledge of organising superb events.

Connect with like-minded users

Easily connect with fellow Cvent users at the forefront of the events industry. Ask questions and get direct answers.

Stay informed of upcoming Cvent-hosted events in your area so you can amplify your professional network.

Redeem points for exciting rewards

Cash in your points for professional development rewards or treat yourself to something fun! Choose from Cvent Connect conference registrations, LinkedIn upgrades, and Cvent Certifications.

You can also get Cvent swag or gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and more! Choose the reward that’s right for you.

Bammie Award 2018

Benefits of joining an award-winning program

Becoming a Cvent Celebrity will enrich your knowledge of everything Cvent, help you stay on top of industry news, and enable you to impact the future development of Cvent’s products. 

Nobody knows more about your events than you - the challenges, the successes and the learnings and best practices from each event. When you join the Cvent Celebrity community, you unlock the ability to share stories and the opportunity to network with other industry experts.