November 01, 2021
By Max Wood

We recently convened a Customer Success Group webinar to share the latest on the new experience, our brand new product update which unifies your Cvent products in a modern, intuitive user experience. Brett Sachdeva, Product Lead, joined us to offer his insights into what to look forward to with this transformative product update.



We covered:

  • What is the new experience?
  • How will it change my life?
  • How do I get it?
  • What’s next?

You can access the full session on-demand, and we’ve summarised some of the key takeaways below.


What is the new experience?

Cvent wheel


The new experience offers one centralised platform to manage, customise and analyse your events and their features.

We’re applying a new standard of consistency across the entire event management cloud. For example, here is the range of calendar functions in the classic experience:

A range of calendar apps from the classic experience


In the new experience, your calendar looks like this:

The one calendar used in the new experience


Simple, modern and intuitive. These are the principles we’ve applied throughout this user experience update. In the new experience webinar, we take you through what’s changing and why to enable you to make a smooth transition.


How will it change my life?

The new experience provides one single source of truth for event and engagement data. The processes of event creation, editing and analysis have been overhauled – here's what we covered.


Creating your events

Event creation screen in the new experience


Starting from scratch and creating an event is simpler than ever. You’ll see just the core fields above when doing so. Features, such as Registration or Attendee Hub, appear only after the event has been created, and you’ll only need to add the modules you plan to use.

Fields are linked intelligently. If, for example, you select virtual event as your format you will not be prompted for a venue, whereas you will if hybrid is selected.

Additionally, you will still be able to clone existing events or build from templates. When cloning an event, you’ll also be able to select which features and data to include before saving. Templates can be filtered by category and event type, so you can review your webinar, conference, or other templates quickly and easily. Any templates you’ve created in Flex in the old experience will be fully usable in the new update.

Going in-depth with your features

The feature selection screen in the new experience


Once your event is created, it’s time to add your features! This process has been streamlined into a ‘modern app store’ type of experience. You can freely add the features you want to use, and remove those you don’t, at any time. All features are usable independently of each other – you can create a registration process without a website for example, or vice versa.

You’ll also notice the option to learn more about each feature. Clicking here will provide a full breakdown of the feature and your options for implementing it.


The home page - your command centre

Home page in the new experience


Your new home page displays the information you need most at a glance. Registrations, revenue, logins and check-ins are updated in real time with no need to generate and pull reports. You’ll also be able to filter this information, checking a particular time period for registration numbers or breaking down which type of registrant is providing the most revenue.

Urgent next steps are highlighted, alerting you if event details are missing or features have not yet been added.

On the right, you’ll see a simple breakdown of the features you have added to the event and their current status. You can activate or deactivate features from here, with no need to switch to a separate status section. Any linked external applications you are using will be listed here too for convenient access. It will always display your basic event information and update dynamically with details of the features you are using - but you can hide it if you need more space to manage features or examine analytics.

Tips and suggestions will display for each feature you are using on the feature cards in the page’s centre. For example, you’ll be prompted to set a registration target, or a visual theme for your website, if you have not already done so. These can be skipped at any time. You can preview and adjust settings for each feature directly from this page, as well as view basic analytics such as email open rates or event app downloads. You can click any of this information to access a more detailed report instantly.


When can I use it?

Customers have been able to opt in to some features of the new experience already, and we’ll be transitioning all accounts in batches during the remainder of 2021. Alternatively feel free to reach out to your account team to upgrade immediately.

Please note, if you have opted in via the banner which appeared on your account, you have not yet been moved to the full experience! You will not yet be using the new Home page, Event Features page or workflow updates until your account and all users have been transitioned over.


Learn more on demand

The Customer Success Group webinar is free to access on demand. As well as exploring the new features in more detail, Brett takes you through:

  • A full live demonstration of the new experience, including its interface and features
  • The creation of an event, start to finish, as well as working from templates and duplicating
  • The reporting and analytics options of the new home page
  • Audience questions covering app integrations, template compatibility and more!

Access the full session here.


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