May 01, 2023
By Cvent Guest

You hosted an excellent webinar. You know it. Attendees were engaged, the session ended on time, and there were no technical glitches.  

But how do you prove your success to your stakeholders? How do you tell them that your webinar resonated with your audience? Every webinar checklist should include a post-webinar analysis, which is an excellent way to measure your event's success. But that takes time. 

Sometimes the best way to know how you did is by asking. Sending a post-webinar survey can help you gauge the pulse of your audience, improve your future events, and keep attendees coming back. 

Here are some post-webinar survey questions you must include as part of your follow-ups. 

Note: You can ask several questions to gain further insights into your event and understand your audience's interest. But remember that short surveys—those that take a minute or two to complete—usually generate more responses than longer ones. Therefore, as part of your best webinar practices, it's best not to include all these questions. Mix and match to seek the most crucial information from your attendees. 

Webinar surveys

Post-Webinar Survey Question: Multiple Choice

1. How would you rate the speakers on the following:  

a) Topic knowledge

Options: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. 

b) Presentation skills:

Options: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. 

These speaker-related questions are essential to ask as they let you know if your speaker was clear, informative, and concise. 

2. How would you rate the content of the slides?

Options: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. 

This question is vital to help you draft content that resonates with your audience. 

3. How did the webinar compare to your expectations?

Options: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. 

This question allows attendees to tell you more about their expectations so you can learn more from them. 

4. How would you rate the overall session?

Options: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. 

This post-webinar survey question will help you know how you did. 

5. How likely will you recommend the webinar to your peers or colleagues, with 1 being the most unlikely and 10 being the most likely?

Options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  

Attendees who are happy with your webinar will recommend it to others.  

6. Will you attend our future webinars? 

Options: Yes, No, Maybe. 

If the majority answers a yes, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 

7. How was your overall experience?

Options: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor. 

Open ended webinar survey questions

Open-Ended Post-Webinar Survey Questions 

1. How can we make the webinar better? 

Asking this question will help you identify ways to improve your future sessions. 

2. What was your single biggest takeaway?

The answer to this question will confirm that you are concentrating on the right topic and identify any changes you might want to make to the content of your webinar. 

3. How were the length and pace of the webinar? Was it too slow/long, perfect, or short/fast? 

Questions on the length and pace of your live webinar indicate how you should adjust the delivery of your session to make it more engaging and relevant. 

4. What are the topics you’d like us to cover next? 

This question is a great way to crowdsource topics and aligns your content calendar to the real needs of your target audience. 

5. Why did you attend the webinar? OR What was your main reason for attending the webinar? 

This might not be a popular question on most surveys, but it helps determine what motivates your audience to attend your webinar. 

6. Have you been able to attend our previous webinar? If yes, please specify. 

This post-webinar survey question helps you analyse how well you attract new and repeat participants to your programme. 

7. How was the webinar technology

This will help you understand if your attendees were comfortable using the webinar platform you selected for your programme.  

8. Tell us more about your favourite and least favourite moment from the programme? 

This question will give you insights into your company's strengths and weaknesses.  

9. What time of day works best for you? 

While countless studies suggest the best time and day to host webinars, asking this question gives you basic scheduling information from your attendees.  

Why Send Post-Webinar Surveys?

Asking your audience what they would like to hear from you is one of the easiest ways to pique their interest and keep them coming back. Post-webinar surveys are more than just another way to execute another popular marketing tactic. 

On the contrary, it shows that you care about your participants' opinions and experiences. So, to fulfil your target audience's expectations, be proactive in asking questions—whether before, during, or after the webinar. 

Top Four Webinar Survey Tips

Top 4 Tips to Design Successful Webinar Surveys

Using your webinar technology management platform to create the post-webinar survey is the easiest way to get and track responses. If this feature isn't available, you can use platforms like Google Forms or Survey Monkey to share and track your survey results. 

For full answers, create surveys as painless and straightforward as possible. To do that, keep the following points in mind:  

  • Start with simple questions – ask multiple-choice questions or questions that can be answered with a single click, such as true/false.
  • Keep the survey brief – the longer the survey, the less thoughtful the answers might be. In worst cases, it may deter respondents and result in fewer responses. 
  • Limit answer choices – too many decisions can complicate things.
  • One question at a time – Don't mix two questions. It may confuse the respondent, and you may not get answers to both questions. 

How Would You Rate Your Overall Experience?

Hosting a great webinar is only half the job done. Knowing how the session went is equally important. Therefore, don't put your registrants to sleep. Use their feedback to deliver future webinars that are engaging and intriguing. 

Our curated list of the most critical post-webinar survey questions will help you get started. Choose the questions that matter the most and get accurate grades on your webinar report card. Over to you now!

Learn more about how Cvent can help you create engaging webinars that wow your attendees.

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