February 09, 2023
By Cvent

In the competitive industry of hospitality, it can be difficult for hoteliers, venue directors and other professionals to stand out. When it comes to capturing the attention of event planners, travel buyers, or stakeholders, credentials can go a long way. If you’re looking for a way to brush up on your skills, receive training in a new area of expertise, connect with event planners, or to display your professional expertise, adding hospitality certifications to your CV is a great place to start!  

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into two different hospitality certifications offered by Cvent. From training and preparation to passing the certification exam, we’ll cover exactly what the certification process entails and how becoming certified benefits hospitality professionals across the industry.

Discover why industry experts look to Cvent for their hospitality certifications

Cvent currently offers two certification programmes aimed at improving the techniques and skills that have helped hospitality professionals across the world become some of the best in the business:

1. Cvent Supplier Network Certification
2. Cvent Event Diagramming Certification

The certification process is very straightforward. To become certified, interested hospitality professionals will need to pass an exam covering the techniques and skills related to each certification. Comprehensive training materials are provided to help testers prepare prior to the exam.

How would getting a Cvent hospitality certification benefit me?

There are a variety of reasons industry professionals have chosen to become certified through Cvent. Whether it’s the desire to continue their professional education or to help achieve career ambitions, hoteliers and hospitality workers become certified in order to:

• Display professional and industry expertise
• Become more appealing to travel buyers and planners
• Set their venue or hotel apart from the competition
• Plan and host safer meetings and events
• Keep up with evolving high-demand digital skills in the industry
• Stay on top of hospitality trends, research, and development   
• Navigate the changing landscape of in-person events with confidence

“I see a tremendous benefit in becoming certified. It provides you with credibility with your current employer, colleagues, and potential future jobs. For me, internally, it’s been a great way for me to talk about Cvent confidently and I’ve become the ‘in-house expert’. Because I’m a certified user, I am able to train my colleagues on the software and frequently answer their questions. It is well worth the investment to become Cvent certified.”
Mikaela Gibson, CMP

Cvent Supplier Network Certification

Hospitality professionals and event planners who take advantage of Cvent’s Supplier Network™ have access to a wide variety of benefits. A robust venue sourcing platform, CSN users can peruse a database of more than 280,000 venues, confirm safety protocols through CSN’s Source Safely tool, quickly build RFPs, increase hotel or venue visibility, and so much more.

Demonstrate your Cvent Supplier Network knowledge while gaining the tools and resources you need to:

• Create and submit winning proposals

Craft top-tier proposals and win more RFPs by highlighting what your hotel or venue offers that the competition cannot. Create visually appealing and comprehensive proposals that will make planners want to work with you time and time again.

• Increase your RFP wins

Discover how to boost RFP conversion rates while attracting more business to your hotel.

• Improve your venue’s online appeal

Learn how to create an enticing online profile to build your online presence and attract more valuable MICE leads.

• Show clients, planners, and employees they can count on you

Planners, travel buyers, and event planners want to build relationships with professional, dependable hospitality experts they can count on. Adding a CSN Certification to your resume or profile can help you stand out amongst a sea of competitors, demonstrating your unique training.

“Being a certified Cvent user increased my credibility in my office, improved my efficiency throughout the day, and allowed me to train team members who were beginner Cvent users.”
 – Judy Smadu, HelmsBriscoe

Who is the Cvent Supplier Network Certification meant for?

The Cvent Supplier Network Certification is perfect for hoteliers, hotel managers, sales directors, venue owners, and other hospitality professionals who want to grow and improve their digital marketing and event management skills.

“I found a great deal of benefit for all levels of Cvent-users - be it Administrators, Lead Catchers, Data Analysts, Marketing Managers, and of course, the in the trenches Salespeople! Highly recommend all industry professionals take advantage of this.”
Nathan Hermiston, Senior VP of Convention Sales & Services, Visit KC

If you are already familiar with the CSN, but are interested in becoming more proficient, or would like a way to verify your comprehensive training, consider becoming Cvent Supplier Network certified. Earning your certification begins with passing the CSN Certification exam.

The Cvent Supplier Network Certification exam

Passing a comprehensive exam is required to receive a CSN Certification. The exam consists of forty multiple-choice questions and a 75-minute time limit. To pass the exam, 80% of the questions must be answered correctly within the time limit.

To reach 80% and receive a Cvent Supplier Network Certification, thirty-two of the forty exam questions must be answered correctly within the time limit. The time limit begins after submitting your name and email information on page one of the exam.

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Cvent Event Diagramming Certification

Cvent is also offering a second certification programme for hospitality and hotel professionals. Cvent’s Event Diagramming Certification evaluates and displays an individual’s proficiency in meeting and events planning.

“The Cvent Event Diagramming certification programme was a terrific way for me to learn new ways we can best design meeting spaces to create fun and unique events for our clients.”
Stephani Bann, Assistant Director of Sales, Kalahari Resorts & Conventions

Those familiar with Cvent Event Diagramming can continue to grow and prove their event planning and design skills. Meeting and travel planners can trust that Cvent Event Diagramming certified hospitality professionals know how to design impactful 3D virtual tours, realistic virtual meeting layouts, quickly create or update event diagrams accurately, and more.

Who should get a Cvent Event Diagramming Certification?

Cvent’s Event Diagramming Certification is ideal for hoteliers, sales directors, marketing managers, and other hospitality professionals who already have a basic knowledge of Cvent Event Diagramming, formerly known as Social Tables. The Event Diagramming Certification was designed for industry professionals who would like to expand their technical skills and demonstrate their proficiency working with Cvent Event Diagramming.

Whether you are in management, sales, or are a member of the in-house event team, it can be tricky to find the right way to exhibit your professional knowledge and skillset. Hotel managers, event directors, venue owners, team members or event staff can evaluate and demonstrate their event diagramming knowledge by receiving a Cvent Event Diagramming Certification.

How is a Cvent Event Diagramming Certification beneficial?

Hotel professionals who have a Cvent Event Diagramming Certification can:

• Design and edit accurate diagrams of hotel event space

Ensure that each event is the perfect size by scaling the square footage and attendee count for meetings and events.

• Create 3D site tours to highlight the hotel’s best attributes

Entice planners, travel buyers, potential guests, and prospective clients from all over the world, even when they cannot physically visit your location.

“Recently, a member of the AV team and I teamed up on a detailed diagram. We weren’t in the same room, so being able to see what the other was talking about in real time was invaluable.”
Liv Larson, Catering Sales Manager, Grand Hyatt Seattle

• Nail down every event detail with easy-to-use editing tools

Show off your event diagramming expertise using layouts, floor plans, object placement, furniture arrangement and more.

• Save time and resources by creating diagrams and layouts in a snap

Convert a mock-up for an event into a three-dimensional diagram with a single click.

“We used the diagramming to check layouts, arrange buffet, tables, sponsor booths, etc. to determine it would work. Each item is great to help the event coordinator to check sizing and layouts before the event, and to show our client how things will look during the event.”
Laura G. Marketing Manager, UNC

• Connect with clients and vendors by inviting them to participate

Collaborate, comment and update event diagram details in real-time. Advertise a variety of event setups and layouts to help planners better visualise their event in your space.

• Plan safer meetings and events through collaboration

Certified hospitality professionals know how to work well with planners. They understand the power of teamwork and embrace it to design and host safer events through Cvent Event Diagramming. Many certified users found it particularly helpful at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Planners and Event Organisers take advantage of this tool to create the best layout for their in-person events while respecting our organisation's Health & Safety rules. We take the COVID-19 pandemic quite seriously and we will never put our clients or employees at risk and this tool excels at that.”
Luciana Cis, Special Events Coordinator, Accenture

• Keep meetings and event data clean, organised, and accurate

Cvent Event Diagramming provides a variety of hotel software systems and smart tools that enable hoteliers to automate many parts of event management.

The Cvent Event Diagramming Certification Exam

To receive a Cvent Event Diagramming Certification, you will be required to take and pass an exam consisting of fifty multiple-choice questions. There is an 80-minute time limit, and a passing score of 70% is required. To reach 70% and receive your certification, thirty-five of the fifty exam questions must be answered correctly.

When you are ready to take the exam, simply provide your first name, last name, and email to begin. Do not register for the exam until you are able to sit down and take it without distractions, as the 80-minute time limit begins once you submit your information.

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Preparing for a Cvent certification exam

In large part, certification exam preparation is a self-study process, but the experts at Cvent are ready to guide you every step of the way. To help prepare you for the certification exam, Cvent provides a wide variety of tools and resources covering all the material in the test.

•    A Certification Prep Guide
•    Access to on-demand training and video tutorials
•    The option to participate in live training sessions
•    Q&A review with hospitality certification experts

All preparation materials, training resources, and coaching opportunities are available to registrants free of charge.

“The training and certification course have been very beneficial and helpful to give us a perspective from the planner’s side with lots of insights that had been helpful to make our RFPs standout compared to other hotels. I’ve also recommended a few of my colleagues to join this certification as it is always good to have certification up on your sleeves and that lead catchers can work more effectively on the RFPs responses. Once again, I appreciate sharing this certification course during this time and the initiatives taken by Cvent to educate the suppliers on how we can create a winning RFPs and convert more leads!”
- Joo Wong, Director of Business Development, Futian Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen


Post-exam “next steps”

While the Cvent Supplier Network Certification and Cvent Event Diagramming Certification cover vastly different topics and skills, individuals who participate in either certification programme will experience the same follow-up post-exam. Upon completing a Cvent hospitality certification exam, you will receive an email from Cvent with your results.

Passing a certification exam:

Passing participants will receive a link that takes you to your certification certificate. Here, you may download your certificate, print it for display, or upload it to your social accounts. Showcase your skills by adding the certification to your resume, LinkedIn account, online hospitality profiles, or include a linked version in your online bio to demonstrate your skills to prospective clients. If you are not sure how to display a digital certificate online, have no fear; you will receive instructions for that too.

Retaking a certification exam:

Those who do not complete or pass their certification exam on the first try will have the opportunity to retake the exam. Individuals who must retake the exam a second time may be subject to an additional assessment fee.

After passing the retake exam, the tester will receive an email with their certification. If unable to pass the retake, the tester will have to wait six months before taking the certification exam again (which may also require an assessment fee). The six-month waiting period begins on the date that the retake exam was attempted.

While the certification process may sound intimidating and potentially costly, remember that Cvent provides hospitality professionals with all the preparation materials, tools, guidance, and live support needed to master the skills required for certification. Cvent wants you to succeed as much as you do!

Cvent professionals and industry experts are available for live coaching sessions, coursework review, and to answer your questions. They give you everything you need to feel confident on exam day—at no cost to you!


A Certification Success Story

Emily Thompson shared her Cvent certification success story.

“Now that I am Cvent Certified, it has given me a leg up around peers. I am definitely a power user and it is nice that my team always knows to look to me first when they have Cvent questions. I feel more confident in my own abilities and can think about Cvent on a deeper level to accomplish more than maybe what it was even intended for by finding alternate solutions. Beyond helping me with my role internally, being Cvent Certified is a great selling tool to clients. My clients trust me to manage their events in Cvent, but I also have proof of my skills. Some of my clients have trouble with new technology, so this has really helped them to feel confident in my abilities too. Confidence and trust are the biggest takeaways for me to build that client relationship on trust.”

Her advice?

“My biggest learning item was making sure you know other functionalities you might not personally use Cvent for but will be on the exam. For example, I do not usually use the fees functionality in my own events, but fees are included on the Cvent Event Management Professional Exam. This is why…it is key to review the prep guide – you do not want any surprises during the timed exam! This is a great tool to benchmark and test your Cvent knowledge. Cvent is also super well known across our industry, so it does not hurt to have on your resume and in your LinkedIn.”


Ready to take your career to the next level?

If you are interested in building your resume with Cvent hospitality certifications, but are not comfortable using CSN or Event Diagramming, there are tools to help! Discover what makes the Cvent Supplier Network such a powerful venue sourcing platform or explore the tools available inside Cvent Event Diagramming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are Cvent certifications valid?
Cvent certifications are valid for two years from the date of receiving the initial certification. To maintain certification status, Cvent Supplier Network certified professionals will need to renew their certification before it expires. Taking another assessment or paying an additional fee may be required prior to certification renewal.

2. How to let people know I have a Cvent hospitality certification?
After passing the exam, we will send a certificate that you can display to highlight your skills and professional expertise. You will also receive additional information, instructions, and tips for adding the exciting achievement to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and more.

3. Are there hospitality certifications for marketers or event planners?
Yes! In addition to providing certifications for hoteliers and destination professionals, Cvent offers multiple certifications for event planners, marketers, and other professionals in the meeting and events industry:

• Standard and Advanced Event Management Certifications
• Mobile Event App Certification
• Virtual Events Certification  
• Venue Sourcing Certification

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