March 12, 2021

When borders reopen and travel begins again, some travellers will want an experience like no other  even if it's a business trip! That's where this list of the most unique hotels in the world comes in.

Ever wonder what it's like to sleep under the sea or on a bed of ice? Wondering how your hotel can go above and beyond to impress guests? Well, whether you're an event planner, traveller, hotelier, or anyone in between, this list is sure to give you inspiration. Read on to find out about the world's most unusal and unique hotels and discover all of the incredible amenities they have to offer. 

Check out 17 of the world's most unique hotels:

1. Stay with the fishes at Conrad, Madives Rangali Island.

Does a two-story, three-bedroom undersea suite, surrounded by the Maldives' sealife, with 24-hour butler service, sound dreamy to you? That's exactly what the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers travellers in what they call The Muraka. Well, The Muraka also costs around £29,000.

The Muraka
Credit: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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2. Wrap up warm at ICEHOTEL, Sweden.

When the winter months hit, some like to crank their heating up high or nestle in front of a fire. Others like to embrace the chilly weather to the full by visiting an ice hotel. ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is home to the original Ice Bar and is the place you want to start if you're looking for a unique hotel that provides an unforgettable experience.

Artists from all over the world sculpt frozen water taken from the local Torne River into creative concepts such as labyrinths and tropical jungles. This is about as unique as it gets. 

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3. Stay in a 727 Fuselage Suite at Hotel Costa Verde.

Do you struggle to sleep on airplanes? What about a refurbished Boeing 727 suspended on a concrete plinth in the jungle? Given that it's its own suite, you won't have to deal with crying babies or turbulance, making for a peaceful, and unique, night's sleep.

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4. Get a taste of country living at Cley Windmill, Norfolk, England.

A windmill and a historic building set against coastal Norfolk, England can be a remedy for a fast-paced citylife. Enjoy coastal walks and birdwatching in this romantic location.

Cley Windmill Hotel Norfolk
Credit: Cley Windmill Hotel Norfolk

5. Stay among the trees at Treehotel, Sweden.

If you've always wanted to stay in a treehouse, then look no further than Treehotel, Sweden. What's more, you can choose from different themed treehouses, from a UFO to a birdsnest, making this a truly unique hotel experience.

6. Share a stay with giraffes at Giraffe Manor, Kenya.

Are you an animal person? What about a giraffe person? We only ask because you'll be sharing the Manor with friendly resident Rothschild's giraffes who poke their heads in for a treat at mealtimes!

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7. Experience the Titanic at The Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary ship was created 92 years ago at a cost of £3.5M (around £223M today) and sailed from 1936 until 1967. That makes for a whole lot of history. Now docked in Long Beach, California, the historic vessel serves as a wonderful getaway for anyone wanting to experience a Titanic-esque vacation.

It was also been voted one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America by Time Magazine. So if history and ghost stories is your cup of tea, take a ride on The Queen Mary (figuratively speaking, of course).

The Queen Mary Ship
Credit: The Queen Mary

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8. Get in touch with nature at Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden.

If you value your Wi-Fi, social media and ... electricity ... then look elsewhere. But if you love to submerge yourself with nature and live off the land, then Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden is your perfect future holiday. Here' you'll chop your own wood for your fireplace, pick blueberries right off the roof, and do all of the exploring you could imagine.

9. Stay under the sea at The Manta Resort, Zanzibar.

If you like to swim and enjoy being surrounded by sealife, then The Manta Resort in Zanzibar is the place for you. From diving and fishing to mainland safaris, the Resort immerses you in luxury. In their Conservation Area, you can stay in an underwater bedroom surrounded by coral.

10. Experience the world’s first on-land cruise ship at Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea.

Have you always wanted to go on a cruise... but you get seasick? Well, Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea has a solution. Instead of bobbing on the water, this cruise ship is perched atop a cliff in South Korea.

11. Live among magic at Montana Magica Lodge, Chile.

If you want a truly magical experience, stay at Montana Magica Lodge, nestled in the Andes of Chile. The hotel is shaped like a volcano with a waterfall running down the walls and a quirky monkey bridge leading to the lobby. What's not to inspire?

Montana Magica Lodge
Credit: Hotel Montaña Magica

12. Relive your youth at Kennedy School, Portland.

Just don't run in the hallways, please. You might spill your beer.”

Feel like reliving your school years ... perhaps without the lessons and detentions? Kennedy School Portland is a historic elementary school built in 1915, converted into a hotel. Bedrooms were once classrooms and the chalkboards and cloakrooms even remain! Enjoy a movie in the old auditorium or take a dip in the pool in this truly one-of-a-kind hotel.

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13. Stay in a teepee at Mustang Monument Resort, Nevada.

From discovering the American heritage of the West to supporting the protection of some of the last truly wild horses in America, Mustang Monument Resort, Nevada, gives travellers a truly unique experience. The Luxury Tipis provide guests with 300 square feet of living space with leather chairs, hardwood floors, custom-made beds, and more. Additionally, the Safari Cottages give guests a breathtaking view of nature and include an open floor plan with heat and air conditioning, which is definitely a plus.

14. Experience prison at SleepIn Fængslet, Denmark.

"Breakfast not included"

Have you ever wondered what it's like inside a prison? Sleepin Fængslet in Denmark gives travellers an unglamerous chance to stay in a converted penitentary. Toilets and showers are down the hall and breakfast isn't included. Also, graffiti from previous inmates has been preserved as well as old radios in the cells. It's not exactly luxury living, but it's certainly unique. 

15. See the Northern Lights at Igloo Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland.

Igloo Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is widely renowned as a winter paradise. Watch the Northern Lights from your bed, experience husky and reindeer safaris on snowmobiles, and take part in cross-country skiing. But it's not just winter that this unique hotel caters to. It's open throughout the year so you can experience Finnish Lapland all year round.

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16. Sleep in a wine barrel at Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren, the Netherlands.

If you like wine, then why not stay in an actual wooden wine barrel? This truly unique hotel is located in the harbor town of Stavoren, which is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands. With four 23 litre wine barrels converted into suites, you're sure to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Wine barrel hotel rooms
Credit: Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

17. Stay in a former army fortress at La Claustra Hotel in the Swiss Alps.

In what was once a military fortress in a rocky face of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, you can experience four-star hospitality. La Claustra in Switzerland offers unique dining experiences, an event room and conference centre and a mini fitness area, for example.

Additionally, when snow is covering the fortress, the hotel is only accessible by snow mobile and a six-metre fireman ladder.

Did these unique hotels give you a splash of inspiration?

Then you're going to love what's next. Check out some of the top examples of hotel exterior design from around the world. 

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