October 19, 2020

When the pandemic hit and event planners and marketers worldwide began to pivot to virtual, Cvent pivoted right along with them. And as the world changed and adapted, so did we. Turning Cvent CONNECT Europe, a conference known for multiple educational tracks, exciting speakers, countless networking opportunities, a one-of-a-kind trade show, and out of this world parties into a virtual event wasn’t easy. The team had to figure out how to make a naturally engaging event translate to the virtual space. Backed by our own event technology solution, we didn’t just make a shift, we made a big change.

Event Tech for the “New Normal”

A virtual event is nothing without technology, and as we looked to move our event online, we noticed some gaps. The solution we wanted, that would give us the engagement and data we needed, didn’t exist. So, what did we do? We built our own. And we didn’t just do it for us. At Cvent, we remain committed to helping you be ready whenever – and however – your events return. For many organisations, virtual events are now key elements of their go-forward strategy, and we’ve been hard at work to ensure you have the tools to connect to your audience, wherever they are. This year alone Cvent has helped our customers execute over 60,000 virtual events. 

Which is why we're excited to introduce the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub®.  


Our tech teams went to work to create a solution that was built directly within our event marketing and management platform to deliver a true end-to-end virtual event solution. Now, one platform allows you to seamlessly promote your virtual event, register attendees, and give them a fully branded, engaging virtual experience. We’ve also included powerful tools to help you deliver real value to your sponsors and exhibitors, and analytics so you understand event performance, and maximise impact.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub will power Cvent’s annual event technology conference, Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual, on November 10 and 11, which is set to be one of Europe's largest gathering of meeting and event professionals in history—7,000 registrants! The virtual conference will provide attendees, many of whom who are looking for tools to run their own virtual events, with a front-row seat to the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub experience.

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual Screenshot

Everything you expect from a conference – online

Think you can’t have the conference experience you expect virtually? Think again! At Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual, you’ll see how a virtual conference can engage, inspire, and drive connections. 

  • Browse virtual booths to learn more about Cvent's current and future solutions. Meet with industry partners or offload your questions on tech experts in a live, face-to-face setting.
  • Join industry thought-leaders and Cvent experts for exclusive knowledge sharing sessions. These sessions feature topics relevant to all of us in the meetings and events industry.

The Power of Live at Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual

Cvent CONNECT Europe Virtual brings people together for incredible live experiences. While we’re not currently able to gather in-person, we still believe in the power of live. Join the entire meetings, events, and hospitality community from the comfort of your home, office or chosen workspace as we go fully virtual, for the first time. Tune in to hear from industry leaders, find out best practices, ask tech experts questions, forge new connections with industry partners, and experience a best-in-class virtual event. Register now!

Find out more about our virtual event platform.

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