Audience & Objectives

The virtual or hybrid attendee may often be quite different than an in-person attendee. With a mix of audience motivations and differing expectations, how do we plan an event that hits the mark?

Part 1 explores a strategy framework to clarify the Audience & Objectives to ensure we’re on target.

Designing the Attendee Experience

Attendee experience is an essential factor for a successful event. It’s not about frills and gimmicks, it’s about blending the right balance of engagement and interaction that supports objectives.

Part 2 explores a strategy framework to define and design an Attendee Experience that engages the audience while keeping the focus on results.

Technology – Magic or Tragic?

Technology can create magic or can be tragic! Technology is the enabler of a virtual or hybrid experience, but many organisations focus too heavily on technology and not enough on the audience and the experience.

Part 3 explores a strategy framework to define technology requirements and explores the range of capabilities available in the market today

Activation & Measurement

Like all events, Virtual and Hybrid events are an opportunity to drive organisational objectives forward. However, post-event activation and measuring performance presents some unique challenges.

Part 4 explores a strategy framework for post-event activation, as well as the ways that measurement is both the same as, but also very different from live events.

What to Expect


Every session lasts approx. 60 minutes, with each session being sequential, building upon the concepts of the previous session.

Team Effort

The workshop series is designed as a group activity for leaders fromMarketing and Planning functions with any ownership in hosting and/or attending events. We recommend participating in each session with all relevant parties.


Participants will be provided a workbook intended to help marketing teams apply learnings to their organisation.

Meet the Speakers

Brad Gillespie, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Cvent, hosts the series and is joined by Cvent customers and team members to share stories of how they have used this exercise to build and enhance their holistic events strategy.

Brad Gillespie

Vice President, GM of Enterprise Solutions Group at Cvent

Leslie Marshall

Head of Experiential Events at Morningstar

Lisa Riley

Vice President, Global Head of Events at Forrester

McNeel Keenan

Vice President of Product Management at Cvent