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We partner with the world’s leading brands to enable them to foster engagement and deeply connect with their attendees, by offering event app features including:

Personalised schedules

Make it simple and stress-free for your attendees to manage their event experience and plan relevant content. Enable them to build out schedules and appointments so that on event day, they’re where they need to be be, when they need to be there.

Push Notifications

Keep attendees up-to-date and informed before, during and after the event. Key announcements can appear on the device’s home screen or be scheduled as a series of alerts. Messages can also be segmented based on attendee type.


Live Polls

Create stronger attendee engagement with live polling. Launch in-app polls to instantly find out what attendees are thinking during conference sessions. Embed real-time results in presentations to create a more connected and more social event experience.


Empower attendees to utilise maps of the conference as well as the city to navigate their way throughout the event.




Not all mobile event apps are created equal

CrowdCompass by Cvent has seen 12 million+ app downloads.

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Empowering 30-person meetings to 30,000-person trade shows. 

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Mobile Event App Benefits

  • Provide vital information to event app users prior to the conference, meeting or trade show. This could include travel updates, agenda changes, speaker schedules and much more.
  • Launch in-app polls to instantly find out what attendees are thinking. Make attendee feedback part of speaker presentations.
  • Continuous onsite engagement. Reward attendees for visiting sponsor stands, attending education sessions or participating in networking.
  • Analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) by reviewing push notification activity, page views, attendee activity and other event objectives. Make improvements and changes to content in real-time.
  •  Encourage interaction and collaboration. Sponsor involvement could turn your conference app into a revenue driver.

Cvent Mobile Event App Solutions

Empower attendee networking and engagement, get instant feedback and quickly prove the value of your events.

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