Provide learning opportunities at every stage

A mobile app for educational conferences enables attendees to directly access relevant information from their smartphones and tablets before, during and after your event.

Whether you’re an association, corporate business or a university or college, education event apps are a great way to advance the knowledge and skills of students, teachers, employees or association members.


Stand out from the crowd

It’s easy for educational events to slip through the cracks of the events that are considered ‘exciting’. But learning can be fun, and with the right tools in place, you’ll ensure your attendees are entertained.

In addition to offering an app, encourage attendees to get more involved or educators to interact more by including a game like Click in your education event app. Most time spent on mobile involves socialising and playing games. Click combines both these aspects to keep attendees engaged.

Advantages of educational conference apps

Build apps that educate attendees on topics and industry trends while enabling them to network and learn from their peers.

Make last-minute changes (like location changes) and sent out alerts to attendees to keep them informed.

Increase the quality of your events by using interactive features such as live polls, Q&A and post-session surveys.

Track attendance and discover which activities are interesting and engaging, so you can improve the overall experience and make your meetings a lot more efficient.

Share content easily by uploading presentations, product brochures, pictures, white papers and much more directly to the app for users to download.

Use in-app gaming to spark more introductions between attendees, drive friendly competition, and make the overall experience a lot more fun.

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