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Cvent's event registration software offers meeting and event planners in the UK, and around the world, a robust, comprehensive solution that will help you lower meetings cost while raising attendance figures. This highly intuitive interface saves you valuable time, helping you automate manual tasks to focus on strategic decision-making. 

Meeting the needs of planners in all industries, Cvent's event registration software will have a significant impact on your planning process. Whether your event is small in size or large in scope, extremely complex or quite simple, Cvent will help your organisation maximise efficiencies and decrease costs.

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Data Collection through Advanced Technology

  • Eliminate those outmoded planning methods (paper registrations, relying on numerous software programs), and help your staff put an end to common mistakes inherent to these inadequate practices.
  • Gather the crucial registrant data you need directly into the Cvent program, allowing your guests to enter their own information that you can review and extract for other purposes.

Modern and Branded Templates

  • Enhance your meetings and events with eye-catching, customisable, branded websites. Utilise HTML text links and/or dynamic widgets to link to your organisation's website and share key event data with attendees.
  • Build your brand by providing delegates with beautiful event registration pages with Cvent's customisable templates. These templates are ideal when the need for a quick registration page arises, or you lack the resources to develop a custom page of your own.
  • Brand web-based forms with your graphics and logos.

Automate Event Planning Tasks

  • Waste no time, and recreate events in an instant. Continually rebuilding events is tedious, but Cvent software can easily duplicate a past event registration page and update it for your new event.
  • Generate mailing labels and custom name badges at the close of registration by quickly extracting information collected by delegates.
  • Activate an automated wait list to limit capacity at an event or to particular sessions. Whether you are faced with space limitations or are branding an event as "exclusive," setting up a waitlist is a necessary and simple task.

Provides Complete Control

  • Take control of the online event registration process by limiting channels to email address, registration code or a unique ID assigned to each invitee. This trouble-free process aids planners when they need to control the flow of certain information to particular invitees at an event.
  • Feature important documents such as exhibitor rules, brochures or trade show layout maps.
  • Customise registration with personalised details of your delegates, such as "t-shirt size" or "Membership ID."
  • Register, modify, cancel and refund delegates-or enable your registrants the ability to do this themselves.

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