Custom Event websites

custom event websites

Promote your events with a completely branded event website. List detailed event information, collect online registrations and payments in one centralised, secure location. An easy-to-learn interface allows you to create gorgeous event websites with ease, even if you are an HTML novice.

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

It's a mobile world. Take full advantage of this technology by creating vibrant websites specifically designed for your attendees to view on their smartphones and tablets, and showcase your event in a new, exciting way.

Sample Event websites

Skim through a collection of samples for the type of websites and registration forms you can create. Click this link for information about each of the sample events on their summary & agenda pages, attendee lists and more. After that, begin the registration process for insights on the user experience.

event registration

Event Email Marketing

event email marketing

Treat your events like marketing campaigns by leveraging a powerful email communication suite, with no additional cost. Allow Cvent to do the work for you by offering access to custom-made emails and a scheduling feature with the ability to set tactical email deployment dates well in advance.

Contact Management

content management

Keep your professional contact database up-to-date with ease with Cvent's intuitive software. The process of maintaining and updating your address book has never been easier to accomplish.

Event Calendars

event calendar

No need for a webmaster. Share your approaching events on your website with a calendar display that makes it effortless for attendees to learn more about them. Tailored to the design of your website, these calendars allow you to set viewable date ranges (and update them seamlessly), include industry links and more.