Streamline the attendee experience, and drive revenue and results with onsite event technology

Three image layout. Attendee at an event using the attendee hub mobile app, Onsite Check in kiosk available, Attendee checking into an event using OnArrival

Onsite check-in

On-demand badge printing

Mobile event app

Capture & generate leads

Real-time registration count

Attendee & session tracking

Explore products & solutions for onsite events

Attendee Hub Mobile App

Make your event more accessible

Attendee Tracking & Reporting

Get attendee insights in real-time

Choose the right mix of technology for your next in-person event

Attendee hub screenshots displaying an attendees profile that allows them to schedule an appointment, alongside screenshots of a live Q&A session and a challenges leaderboard

Attendee Hub Mobile App

Once attendees have registered, give them an event app to connect them to content, other attendees, and important event information. Always-on engagement in their hands!

  • Personalised agenda and schedule builder

  • Live attendee Q&A, polls, surveys, and gamification

  • 1:1 appointments and attendee messaging

Level-up all your virtual content

Text: Charlotte Seifi Check-in Complete: You have successfully checked in. Enjoy the event! Attendee using Cvents OnArrival solution to check in themselves.


Nothing beats the first impression. On-demand badging and self-serve registration can make for a better event check-in experience.

  • Self-serve check-in experience with QR code scanning

  • On-demand badge printing

  • Securely collect payments

Check-in attendees quickly

Exhibitor using Cvents LeadCapture to capture an attendees information at a trade show


Allow exhibitors to capture, qualify, and follow up with their attendees at trade shows and third-party events.

  • Collect leads by scanning a QR code, business card or manual entry

  • Create custom qualification questions

  • Send sales and marketing collateral to leads right from the app

Capture high-intent leads

Using a mobile device, track attendee data in real time

Attendee Tracking and Reporting

Get the pulse of your event with live attendee tracking and analytics. Generate real-time views on session attendance and duration, exhibit floor visits, traffic patterns, and event activities.

  • Live reporting around check-in, feedback, and survey responses

  • Integrate seamlessly into your martech tools and CRM

  • Understand how attendees are interacting with sessions and speakers

Get attendee insights in real-time

Hear what our customers have to say


Morningstar Events Team manages hundreds of annual events, using event technology boost the programme’s success and bolster their global brand

  • Manage 90 events through Cvent yearly
  • Save €300,000 on negotiations yearly using CSN
  • Sources venues in 30 countries using CSN


Proske used event technology to increase their efficiency of meetings management and event organisation

  • 123% increase in attributed revenue
  • 1,868 MQLs from live & online events
  • 12% increase in total global event profit



The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich quickly switched from physical, to virtual and ultimately hybrid open days at key stages of the student recruitment process

  • 4,000+ registrants
  • 38,000+ interactions tracked
  • 83% Email Open Rate