Cvent provides organisations with all the tools they need to listen and respond to their clients and customers in real-time and improve retention rates.

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Key Customer Satisfaction Survey Features Overview:

  • Robust CRM allows customers to update their contact record, or help grow your database
  • NPS question and matching reports to easily measure satisfaction
  • Advanced logic guides customers down the proper path
  • Text analysis helps you understand and categorise comments
  • Mobile-friendly surveys provide customers various feedback channels
  • Dynamic and instant access to data allows you to address concerns immediately

Benefits of Client Feedback:

  • Gather quality customer feedback immediately after a transaction
  • Gain insights on what drives satisfaction, loyalty and engagement
  • Uncover gaps in offerings and services
  • Automatically share reports with internal stakeholders
  • Attain answers to your most important questions
  • Leverage findings to drive future strategy and action plans
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships